Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Unlockables

Unlockable Weapons
Confidential Weapons Documents
*List is Incomplete and will need Further Revisions
UnlockableHow to unlock
Stun GrenadeRio del Jade - [Pursue Amanda]
M10El Cenagal: Swamp (2) - [Pursue Amanda]
RK47(GL)Outer Ops
XFIM-92AOuter Ops
M63A1Outer Ops
Aerial MinesLos Cantos: Ridge - [Extra 014]
Twin Barelled ShotgunPursue Amanda, last location, near POW
Fulton MineFinish Extra Op 64 [Pooyan Mission] with S rank
M47Finish Extra Op 110 [Attack Chopper Battle: AH-56A Raider] with S rank
Fulton LauncherFinish Extra Op 98 [Tank Battle: MBTk-70 Custom]
Infinite BandanaComplete Extra ops 119 with a S rank
Invisible CamoComplete Extra Ops 50 with an S rank
Tanagashima MusketPrecour an intact Rathalos wing, during the Monster Hunter Extra Ops
PatriotPatriot Rank 5 [GMP 477190, R&D 99] - becomes available after developed M16A1 (w/ Shotgun) Rank 4, Patriot (Extra Ops 049) -> Extra Ops 068 (Body Check Kaz) Knock out Miller during the "Date with Kaz" Extra Ops 068 and doing a body check
Rail Gun DynamoRailgun Dynamo Rank 3 [GMP 194570, R&D 76] - Railgun Design Specs and EM Weapon Design (Extra Ops 049)-> Complete Extra Ops 115 with S-Rank
Rail GunRailgun Rank 3 [GMP 341250, R&D 75] - Railgun Design Specs and EM Weapon Design (Extra Ops 049) -> Complete Extra Ops 115 with S-Rank