Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS Vita) Cheats

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PS Vita.


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Unlockable Items
Meet the requirements to unlock special items
UnlockableHow to unlock
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty-
Digital CameraBeat the game on any difficulty. Load up your previous save, and it'll be in your inventory.
Bandana (infinite ammo)Acquire over 46 dog tags in Tanker to unlock. Note: The bandana can only be used in the level Tanker and will not affect Plant with Raiden.
Stealth (Snake)Acquire over 76 dog tags in Tanker to unlock. This item is only available in Tanker.
Blue Wig (infinite 02)Collect 218 dog tags in Plant.
Orange Wig (infinite grip)Collect 150 dog tags in Plant.
Brown Wig (infinite ammo)Beat normal mode and collect 100+ dog tags on Plant.
Stealth (Raiden)Beat the game with 120 dog tags on Plant.
ShaverGrip Raiden over behind the caged fence at the beginning of the Plant chapter on Hard or Extreme difficulty. Raiden will then give it to Pliskin. When regrouping with Snake in Arsenal Gear, he will appear clean shaven.
Boss Survival modeComplete the game once (Tanker and Plant).
Demo TheaterComplete the game once (Tanker and Plant).
European Extreme difficultyComplete the game once (Tanker and Plant).
Alternate Title ScreenComplete the game once to get a new blue screen with Raiden in the background. To change back to the red one with Solid Snake, go back to the title screen when the opening demo plays.
SunglassesWhen a third playthrough is started on any chapter, Snake and/or Raiden will be wearing stylish sunglasses.
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater-
Extreme Difficulty ModeComplete the game once.
Patriot weaponComplete the game once.
Tuxedo camouflageComplete the game once.
Banana camouflageGet the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey.
Snake vs. Monkey levels 4 & 5Complete the game once.
Moss camouflageDefeat The End by sneaking up behind him during battle and pointing a gun at him. He will lay on the ground. Point the gun at his head three times, aiming elsewhere when he speaks.
Mosin-NagantDefeat The End/MK22 only.
Stealth camouflageFind and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game.
Sneaking camouflageIn Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad).
Mechanic uniformIn Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at).
Colt Single Action ArmyChoose the gun on the right during the final duel.
Introduction movieComplete Virtuous Mission.
Stealth camouflage (alternate method)Beat the game with no alerts.
Animals camouflageDefeat Ocelot using your tranquillizer.
Hornet Stripe camouflageDefeat The Pain using your tranquillizer.
Spider camouflageDefeat The Fear using your tranquillizer.
Cold War camouflageDefeat Volgin using your tranquillizer.
Snake camouflageDefeat The Boss using your tranquillizer.
Fire camouflageDefeat The Fury using your tranquillizer.
Alternate EZ GunStart on Very Easy and you'll have it when you start.
Duel ModeComplete the game once.
Theater ModeComplete the game once.
European Extreme ModeComplete the game once (different difficulty to Extreme).
Peep Show MovieCollect all the Movies in Demo Theater.
DPM camouflageBeat Special Duel Mode.
Green Face PaintBeat Normal Duel Mode.