Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Tips

How to alternatley beat Liquid Ocelot on boss extreme
This is the tip I found when I finally got to Liquid Ocelot on the boss extreme mode and this tip also helps with people who are not good at mashing buttons and can't do numerous combos to beat him. I used a similar stratagey on lower difficulties but when I got to boss extreme it didnt work because he got more aggressive so I had to tweak my old way until I came up with this new way and here it is....
Phase 1: You start by immediatley blocking and trying to move in close to Liquid Ocelot to get him to start his 4 punch combo when he starts it move back slowly while still blocking as he throws his final elbow press up and R1 directly after he goes "ahhh" and you will get him in a CQC choke and punch once he gets up block immediatley block because he will most likely do his rush attack that will break your guard and take off minimal life but thats okay just reblock and try to get close to him again to him to restart the 4 punch combo again and repeat what I just stated above until you get to phase 2 now this may seem like it could take forever but trust me once you get the timing down it really doesn't take that long. Note: you can sometimes do extra punches while choking by pushing R1 or triangle, maybe its both in unison I'am not sure which but it does work to help take extra health off him everytime it does happen. It does work for all phases.
Phase 2: Start by moving in to him right away and get your free CQC as he pauses a few seconds between phases. Once he gets up he 95% of the time goes directly for the "take this" punch once he starts the animation dash either way and get him right back into another CQC. Occasionlly he trys to dash in and regular punch you thats okay just block and try to keep backing up around the sub top to bate him into another "take this" punch and just CQC him again until you get to phase 3.
Phase 3: Start like last phase getting your free CQC once he gets up he will say "take this" and try to do his own CQC on you. To counter this just throw your own CQC almost exactley when he tries to throw his and a brief animation will occur offsetting his CQC attempt and yours bring you back to regular fighting stances were he dashes in and out throwing normal punches and if he gets in to close he will do that retarted headbutt you can't seem to block but thats okay just reblock and keep trying to back up until you get about arms length away throw a CQC and somehow it gets him everytime but make sure its not to far away because snake will whiff at throwing the CQC. Also note he likes to switch back to his own CQC form just watch out for when he does and try to do what I stated above. Until stage 4
Phase 4: Its straight forward just keep pressing R1 until he dies.

This is just a stratagey for people who aren't particullary good at doing combos which involves mashing R1 pretty fast which I can't do all that great.