Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Tips

Snake Is Being Followed In Act 3?
After you leave the park but before the cutscene triggers. After the Resistance member goes down the flight of steps and turns left, go out on to the street and turn right, (might help to equip NV) and go down a little way. The street bends a little to the right, and then bends again. If you turn around to face the way you've come, and then turn around again quickly, you'll see a Figure quickly duck behind one of the corners on the right (I think which one depends how far down the street you are). If you don't move, and equip binos or a zoom lens, you can aim at the figure and examine it. It wears a trenchcoat similar to Snake's, and a fedora hat (I think - you know, the Sam Spade kind). Its face is completely hidden and its figure obscured, so there's no telling who he/she is. If you aim with a scope-equipped weapon, the figure quickly ducks away out of sight, but remains if you use the camera or binos. Even if you have the shot lined up, shooting the figure has no effect. Sadly, contacting Otacon doesn't trigger any conversations.

Seemingly Snake is being tailed...