Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Passwords

Extra Passwords
Successfully complete the game in Single Player mode to unlock the "Password" option in the "Extras" menu. Then, enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding bonus when another game is started or a saved game is resumed.

Note: The iPod songs will become available when the Mk II can first be used.
Note2: Please also note the case in which the passwords are written
PasswordWhat it Unlocks
thomasUnlocks 'Desperate Chase' iPod song
georgeUnlocks 'Gekko' iPod song
theodoreUnlocks 'Midnight Shadow' iPod song
abrahamUnlocks 'Mobs Alive' iPod song
mekakorkkkUnlocks Mk. 23 handgun (SOCOM from MGS1)
mnsoymsyhnUnlocks Mosin Nagant Rifle
deskyhstylUnlocks the Desert Eagle Long Barrel
1aytmmymhkUnlocks 1911 Custom handgun
jmsotsynrnUnlocks the Type 17 Pistol
aottrykmynUnlocks Snakes Altair Disguise
dntkkhktmmunlocks drebin facecamo
pkhhnwhsjtUnlocks the Patriot ( Gun ).
tshsniammrUnlocks the Thor .45
skynytktjpUnlocks Scanning Plug S
mgo2playUnlocks "Subsistence Action" iPod Song