Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Unlockables

Flashback Sequences
During the course of the game, entering certain areas will start an audio flashback. If you listen to it completely you will be rewarded with 1,000 Drebin Points.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Colonel Acting Strangely (MGS2)Find the crop circle near the river while tracking Naomi after the Laughing Octopus fight (Act 2)
End of the Hind Confrontation (MGS)Find the Hind (Act 4)
Hind D Speech (MGS)Walk onto the middle of the Helipad (Act 4)
Master Miller's introduction (MGS)Enter through either of the vents instead of the door (Act 4)
Meryl's "Where I can see you" speech (MGS)Stand near the Tank Hangar's door (Act 4)
Cyborg Ninja fighting Genome Soldiers (MGS)Stand in the decontamination room before the hallway to Otacon's office (Act 4)
Grey Fox's introduction (MGS)Inside Otacon's lab (Act 4)
Meryl telling Snake to continue without her (MGS)Stand in the filled-in trench leading up to the Comm Towers (Act 4)
Beginning of the Hind confrontation (MGS)Climb as far as you can up the Comm Tower nearest where you enter and walk around (Act 4)
Otacon's "What are you fighting for?" speech (MGS)In front of the other Comm Tower, facing the exit (Act 4)
Raven's final speech (MGS)Stand near the door leading back to the room where you fought Vulcan Raven (Act 4)
Infiltration speech (MGS)In Shadow Moses, near the elevator (Act 4)
Liquid Snake being shot down (MGS)Return to the crashed Hind chopper after the Crying Wolf fight (Act 4)
Snake will say "Just like old times"Aim the Mk.23 SOCOM while at Shadow Moses (Act 4)
Snake will say "Just like old times"Move the camera view directly overhead and move around (Act 4)
Liquid saying "You enjoy all the killing. That's why."In Act 2- South America, Confinment Facility. Follow the road and go to the small tower on the side. You may not hear it because most likely there will be a helicopter that drowns it out.
Deep ThroatWhen leaving the tank hanger, entering the canyon, go to the left behind the large boulders. You will hear DeepThroat warn Snake about the mines in that area.