Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Easter eggs

Intermission sequence extras
During the following intermission sequences, press L1 to see secret events:

Laughing Octopus: Laughing Octopus quickly leaps away outside the window during one of the L1 sequences when you first meet Naomi.

Naomi's chest: In Act 2, after Snake loses his Psyche when Namoi tells him how long he has, press L1 to look at her chest and recharge Snake's Psyche.

Naomi upskirt: In Act 2, when Snake's talking to Naomi and drops his cigarette, use the hidden L1 option to look up her skirt.

Psycho Mantis' ghost: During the first intermission sequence with Beauty and the Beast, after using the option to look through L1, look to the left to see the ghost of Psycho Mantis.

Sorrow: During the Psycho Mantis intermission sequence, keep L1 held. When Psycho Mantis disappears, you will hear Sorrow say something. Hold L1 (even though you are not prompted), and you will see Sorrow. Press X to start a flashback.