Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Easter eggs

PlayStation References
In the Act 1 briefing, there is a PS3 on the second floor of the plane.

During the Act 1 briefing, go upstairs on the Nomad to see Sunny unpacking her PS3 and PSP.

In the Act 2 briefing, there is a PlayStation 3 on the table.

After you defat Crying Wolf in Act 4, Otacon will call you as you enter that building and tell you to change discs. He then catches himself and starts talking about Blu-Ray and the PlayStation 3.

When you send out the Mk 2, look over Snake's shoulder by tilting the camera. He is using a PlayStation 3 controller to control it.

If you use a Sixaxis controller against Psycho Mantis he says, "What? No vibration!" and the flashbacks show the Sixaxis.