Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence cheat codes.


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"The End" Killed B4 His Time
After defeating The Pain, and exiting the cave, you'll get into a water pathway, there should be a path going to the left somewhere, go there, and you will get to a dock with a storage room, here you'll find the Sniper Rifle, that you need for the next area, go back and proceed the watherpath leading to the warehouse, when you are at the warehouse just after when you have traveled through the waterpath, there will be a cut-scene where the boss volgin and the end are there.

Skip the cut-scene and quickly stop the guard who is in the background pushing the end away. Then the end will try pushing his chair to get himself out , whilst he does this take your time to get a good head shot and kill him.

When you have killed him he will explode and the wheel will fly out and hit you on your head.
Note: you will have missed out on his weapon and camouflage and instead of fighting the end you will go up against an area full of gru.. is it worth it .. up to you xD
"The End" Dies From Old Age
Save your game during the fight with the End and wait for over a week and a half. By the time you load the game, you will have a scene where you found the End but he has died from old age. This is helpful if you don't want to waste ammunition and time.

Snake will say a comment about disappointing him because the End wanted to have a good fight with him & the End will still EXPLODE!
"The End" Says Comments
While you fight the End, if you save during the fight, you will go to sleep. After a few days, when you load your game, you will hear the End say comments like "Welcome back Snake!" or something similar to it.

NOTE: If you don't load your game for a while (like over than 5 days), he may say "I am disapointed in you Snake" or something similar to it and you will automaticly lose to him as if he knock you out and take you back to the lab.
'ocelot' Fun ways fight ocelot
Ocelot battle has many weird things to it like, you can shoot off his hat xD when ya do that you know that in a min he is gonna go collect it so you can watch that open spot to take a chance to pop him in his head.

Also you can shoot the hornets nests down near him, and while the swarm him you can have a clean shot. there are 3 nests on his side.
Note: by doin that he is more likely to shoot urs on your side.

a funny one i did was there is a poisonous snake on your side, it bit me so i put it to good use, i captured it and threw it at Ocelot <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> haha

If you walk to the front and dont hjold up your weapon he will have you a quick draw duel (works best with a revolver) and when he does take this opertunity to aim well and hit him inbetween his eyeballs ;D

Anyway i hope you enjoy trying these i know i did ... byeeee
'Shagohod' and the bridge'
When u are at the part where you have to shoot the explosive devises on the bridge the bestthing to do it equip your tiger uniform, thats if your killing bosses by stanima reduction.

Easier and saves pentezieum
'Volgin' and his weaknesses
When fighting Volgin there is many different ways you can attack him.
one is using the fake death pill as he will only fall for it once make sure ya get a good hit after.

Another is equiping the raiden mask and he will walk to you calling you ivon xD then just whip out ur gun and pop a few caps in his head.

Using a tree frog is a good way to take his attacks away from you, since its a tree frog and he doesnt like Them since they have got summat to do with water, he focuss his elecrical attacks on the poor defenceless frog.
=( awhh

also when he is usng his electrical attack un-equip your weapon, this is because that electricity seeks out metal and if it gets you gun your bullets will explode injuring you and wasting your ammo, silly mistake not to do this.

Anyway little tips there on a few funny things about Volgin
All Snake vs. Monkey missions
To unlock all of the Snake vs. Monkey missions on Disc 2, first play Disc 1. When starting a new game on Disc 1 and are asked which Metal Gear Solid game you like, select option 4, "I like MGS!". When the game starts, save it as soon as you can. Take out Disc 1 and insert Disc 2. Go to Snake vs. Monkey and all of the missions should now be unlocked instead of having "?????" in their place. Doing this also unlocks the Demo Theater on Disc 1 and the Secret Theater on Disc 2, along with the Duel option on Disc 2.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game to have Snake wear an eye patch during the CQC fights with the Russian guard at the title screen.

American Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the American Flag Face Paint.

AUSCOM Desert Camouflage
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the AUSCOM Desert Camouflage.

Avoiding Volgin's (1st Time) Attacks
When you are fighting Volgen, he will often shoot a ray of lightning to you which is annoying and painful. To avoid this, you should unequip your weapon which volgin tells you when you get hit. Throw a chaff grenade and his lighting ray will mostly go above you even if your guns equipped. Another way is to throw a Glow Cap on the floor and his electric ray will hit that instead. Although, the Glow Cap can only last 1-3 rays of lightning and must be near him.

Chaff grenades works best because they blow up faster and you don't need to worry about unequiping your gun so you can get behind him and shoot him. Sometimes, his shield doesn't protect his feet (I don't know why) so you can sometimes aim for that too.
Banana Camouflage
Set the top time record in all Snake vs. Monkey mode missions to unlock the Banana Camouflage.

Bandana in original MSX Metal Gear games
Successfully complete MSX Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake to unlock the bandanna for that game. When equipped, the bandanna gives you infinite ammunition for all weapons.

Beat "The Boss" in under 5 minutes!
When you get to the part where you have to fight The Boss, quickly equip the appropriate camo uniform/face paint, then the M22 or EZ Gun and thermo goggles. Instead of hiding from The Boss, run around the area so she can see you, she'll run up to you and say stuff like 'here I come' and 'get ready', just as she gets to you to perform CQC, quickly counter her attack. NOTE: The right timing is crucial here. Immediately after you have successfully countered the attack, kick her to the ground and shoot her twice with the M22/EZ Gun. Repeat this process untill she is defeated. You can also get a few shots in from a distance as she is hiding behind trees etc. Also you can use other CQC weapons, but in order to get the Snake camo, you need to shoot her non-lethally.
Boss Time Trial in original MSX Metal Gear games
Successfully complete MSX Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and save the game when prompted to unlock the "Boss Time Trial" option at the main menu for the corresponding MSX game.

Brown Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Brown Face Paint.

Calming Bats or Killing Them
If you fired your gun, bats will fly everywhere and hurt you. If this happens, equip your active sonar and send out a wave. Doing so makes the bats think you are a bat and go back to their original places. This is helpful if you don't want to get hurt or trying to get food. You can also throw a stun grenade and they will all fall down turing into food. Now thats a big meal!
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Camera.

Camouflage Download
Save the game during Disc 1 to unlock the "Camouflage download" option at the main menu on Disc 1. Alternately, select the "I like MGS3!" option when starting a new game, then save.

Change Camera View Quickly
In order to switch from the new 3rd Person camera to the classic camera, just click the R3 button. That will switch the two back and forth.
Control Snake Eater music video
During the Snake Eater music video, press L3 to change the text language. Press R1 to have the singer say "Snake Eater". Move the Left Analog-stick to control the snakes.

Deflecting bullets
When you are being shot at and are using the Single Action Army revolver, press R3 to twirl the gun and deflect the bullets.

Desert Tiger Camouflage
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Desert Tiger Camouflage.

distract ocelot
on the ocelot first battles there is beehives on his side of the crevice when he is near them shoot them and he gets stung which gives you time to shoot him or look at him run like a girl
DPM Camouflage
Successfully complete Special Duel mode on Disc 2 to unlock the DPM Camouflage.

Duel mode
Select the "I like MG3!" option when starting a new game, then save to unlock Duel mode on Disc 2.

English Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the English Flag Face Paint.

European Extreme
Select the "I like MGS3!" option when starting a new game, then save to unlock the European Extreme.

EZ gun
Play the game on the Very Easy difficulty setting to unlock the EZ gun, a silenced tranquilizer weapon with infinite ammunition. Alternately, capture all 48 types of edible plants and animals.

Finding Food Easier
Equip the thermal goggles and you will see a bright color (mostly white) in the enviorment. Those objects are ether animals or plants.
Finding The End
When battling The End, go to the map screen press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle to see him on the map.

Flectar Camouflage
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Flectar Camouflage.

Get "The Fear"'s uniform
You want The Fear's uniform, I'll tell you how to get it. The inspiration and help for this strategy was given by someone known as akz, so thanks.

First, shoot as many mushrooms as you can find, and DO NOT pick them up. LEAVE THEM! DO keep moving, except when shooting, and DO use a tranquilizer gun when shooting at The Fear. The Poison in the mushrooms is something that our friend doesn't know, and all you have to do is keep shooting and leaving the mushrooms. You only need sonar, a knife, and a Mk 22. When Fear stops to eat, or throw-up, or while he's climbing a tree slowly, shoot him with your Mk 22. If you shot enough mushrooms, he will keep eating them and his stamina wil continually decrease. If he finds other food, and starts going up in the trees again, just start shooting more mushrooms. You can also speed up his defeat by shooting at him with an AK-47, just don't kill him this way. When his stamina is low, start firing your Mk 22 as fast as you can, and as accurately as you can. When the coutscene comes when he explodes, go under where he was hanging, and pick up your prize.

This technique will take a while, but it's worth it!
Getting Cig Gas Spray After Torture & Getting Out
After getting tortured by Volgin and in the jail cell, every time the solder (Johny) throws food, throw it back. He will get it and eat it. Make sure it is not spoiled. After the 3rd of 4th time you give him food, you will have a scene where he talks to you and gives you a full pack of "Cig Gas Spray". You can put him to sleep using this so you can get out without him hurting you.

Also, during the scene, if you press and hold R1, you will look behind his photo and see the codec number to unlock the door.
Getting Past Traps
If you see a trap, ether do the following:

1) Look at the trap to see what it may do (can alarm, claymore, etc.)

2) Shoot the wire/rope that connects the trap

3) Walk around it

4) Run to it and press X so you will roll/jump over it
Head Shot online game type
Create an online room and enter "HEAD SHOTS" as its name. Matches played in this room will be a "Head Shot" game type. You must shoot your opponents with headshots or your character will explode.

Hidden Camouflages
DPM Camouflage: Beat Special Duel Mode w/ High Scores(Disk 2)
Green Face Paint: Beat Normal Duel Mode(Disc 2)
Banana Camouflage: Get the 1st record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey Mode
High score in Duel mode
A good way to get a high score is to choose one weapon and kill the Boss as fast as possible. It also helps if you collect ammunition for your weapons before defeating the Boss. The shorter the time and more ammunition you carry, the higher the score. You will not lose points for damage or using your medical items.

In-game reset
While playing the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start to return to the title screen.

Keeping Baltic Hornet's Nest Fresh
If you have the Pain's camo and have some Baltic Hornet's Nests, every time you equip the Pain's camo, all Baltic Hornets Nests will be fresh. Even if your Hornet's Nests have spoiled, if you equip the Pain's camo, the fly icons will be gone and you can eat it without it having food poisoning.

NOTE: Once you unequip the Pain's camo, they will go back to their original state (half spoiled or spoiled or still fresh).
Limping Scared gurd
When you stick up a gurad or are about to take on a gurd for infomation, shooting his radio is a good way to ensure that he will not get help.

also if you shoot his right arm and his left leg, he wont be able to shoot or walk properly, tranq him and wake him up, when he sees you he will panick and start running like a spaz xD just summat funny to try on your journy... have fun
Make a Guard Talk
If a guard won't give up his stuff (If he says american pig) shoot him with a tranq or shoot his radio to make his talk/ give up goodies.
Monkey Mask
Successfully complete Snake vs. Monkey mode to unlock the Monkey Mask.

Motocycle Chase Scene
When you are in the battle in the "Motorcycle Chase Scene", I recommend that you use the Scorpion gun. It doesn't have a recoil, and it also has a red laser as an aimer. When your moving around so fast on the motorcycle, this gun is your best friend.
Ocelot Has A Bold Spot
In your first fight with Ocelot(duel), try to aim for his head. If you shoot him in the head, sometimes it will hit his hat and it will fall off. Ocelot will say "My hat!" and try to get it back. When he gets his hat QUICKLY equip ether binoculars or a sniper and zoom in his head before he puts the hat on. If you look carefully, there is a spot on his head that is completely BOLD!! No wonder he wears a hat most of the time!

When ocelot trys to get his hat back, this makes him open allowing you to shoot him.
Ocelot Screams!
In your first fight with ocelot(duel), try to throw a flash grenade at him. If it successfully works, he will say "I'M BLIND!!!!" even thought stun grenades just blinds you temporary. You can shoot him during that time.

Sometimes, if look at ocelot closely when he says it, his eyes are still open as if he is really blind! =)
Pains honets nest
Basically this isnt hard at all, u just need to know that it's possible and have a hornets nest in ur menu.

all u do is when u are i mid battle with the pain chuck out ur hornets nest next to the pain. Then after the battle it will be on his little island along with the pains camo, thts if u killed him by depleting his stanima.. and thats all there is to it <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Prison and Groznyj Grad escape made easier
When you are dressed as Raikov, you can go anywhere and no guards will bother you. Go outside to Groznyj Grad Northeast, then head West in this area, and you should find the small Provisions building where they store the food. Go inside and change your uniform to plant TNT, then change back to the officer uniform and go back outside in a safe area and detonate. Now the sentries won't have any food and will be weaker when you escape from Prison making it easier to knock them out. Also, before going back to the Weapons Lab, go around and punch all the guards you can see in the entire area and they will drop their AK's which will disappear. So now they should only have pistols to fire at you if you set off 'alert' mode during your escape(NOTE: This does not apply to any "back up" guards).
snake is perverted
During the cutscene where Snake first meets eva, press the R1 button when she opens up her uniform and you will see what snake is seeing.
Starving guards or taking out their ammo
When you pick up Ammo/food in those warehouses, you can place TNT inside (make sure you put at least two) walk out and blow it up.

If you go back, you can see it's black and charred.

You'll hear the guards say their hungry if it's food or when they shoot you they'll only have 1 clip of ammo.

The only time it works is if there's food and boxes against the wall of the ware house.
Stealth Camoflauge
Shoot all 64 green frogs hidden through out the level to unlock the stealth camoflauge. 1 frog in each part of the game.
takin\' on guards
After you just met up with eva when you come out on to the mountain, there should be Flame Thrower guards hanging around area.

You can easily take them out by shooting their backs, because when you shoot their tank they\'ll jump around on fire and then explode. If there\'s other guards around them they will be killed also. If there\'s more flame thrower men close enough they\'ll be killed too making a chain reaction
Unlock Demo Theatre/ Secret Theatre
To unlock both Demo Theatre and Secret Theatre, start a new game on Disc 1 :Subsistence choosing the "I like MGS3!" setting and then save the game. You don't need to complete the game to unlock them.

The Demo Theatre will be available in Disc 1: Subsistence via the main menu, while the Secret Theatre will be accessible through Disc 2: Persistence's main menu.
Unlockable boss camos
Beat Ocelot to unlock the animal camo

Beat The Pain to unlock the hornet camo

Beat The Fear to unlock the spider camo

Sneak up on The End and hold him up to unlock the moss camo

Beat The Fury to unlock the fire camo

Beat Volgin to unlock the cold war camo

Beat The Boss to unlock the snake camo

Note: You have to beat them by using tranqualizer guns. In other words, try to kill them by decreasing their stamina. If you don't then it won't work.
Unlockable country flag facepaints
American Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the American Flag Face Paint.

English Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the English Flag Face Paint.

French Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the French Flag Face Paint.

German Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the German Flag Face Paint.

Italian Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Italian Flag Face Paint.

Japanese Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Japanese Flag Face Paint.

Soviet Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Soviet Flag Face Paint.

Spanish Flag Face Paint
Successfully complete Snake Eater to unlock the Spanish Flag Face Paint.

Volgin and Shagohod Battle Tip
When battling Volgin while his on top of the Shagohod, or battling the Shagohod itself, shoot either one of the treads at the bottom of it. This will make him stop moving for a few seconds, giving you a chance at a head shot with either the SVD or RPG.
volgin fight
If you put on the ivan mask and his suit, volgin will get on his knees. This lets you attack him with no problem.

After that try to get behind him (he can't block here) and shoot him with the shotgun. This will take a chunk of his life out. Repeat and you'll be done faster then you kill ivan, and carried him to his lover
Wanna have some fun in Dolinovodno?
Listen to this! You can actually shoot out the support ropes on the bridge that goes over the canyon! It won't completely destroy the bridge, but will make it VERY wobbly. You will know when you shoot one out because the rope will start swinging in the wind. Try shooting them all out then RUNNING over the bridge! It's VERY hard to do!

Easter eggs

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"The Fury's" double standards
When you have to fight The Fury, head north and hide near the doorway or on one of the ledges around that area. When you see him come into view, and providing you are a reasonable distance away, throw a WPG(flame grenade) at him, he will then shout at you by saying "Hey. fight fair!" So this is coming from someone who wants to burn you to death with a mega flame thrower!?? Uh, go figure...
Make Raikov talk!
In Groznyj Grad when you have to get Raikovs uniform, go upstairs and wait in the area where the lockers are and Raikov will eventually come up. Sneak up on him and use the CQC button and left analog stick to interrogate him, he will give up info on Volgin about bright coloured mushrooms and that Volgin hates to be around water.
Make Snake 'barf'
Select the 'cure' screen on your menu. make sure Snake is cured of any ailments/wounds first, then use the R3 button to spin his character around several times. When you go back to the main game, Snake will chuck up. Nastee but funny <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Parachute snake eaters
in the beginning where the song is playing just tilt you right analog stick any where and you see falling people parachuting
Re-capture The End's Parrot...
Tranquilize the parrot during the boss fight with The End. Then, after the torture scene and you lose all of your equipment, you find your way to Tikhogornyj. After you are done with Eva behind the waterfall, go back outside and go to the tree that is closest to the waterfall, the same one where you would find the Tsuchinioko snake nearby, look up and The End's parrot should be there.
Sneaking Suit
When you go to the weapons labs the second time if you look in the locker you stuffed Raikov in you will find the Sneaking Suit which reduces damage by half and reduces stamina reduction


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Beat the fear in 2 seconds
Lay down on the ground and hold a stun grenade, when he comes by throw it down and he'll get dizzy.

Quickly get up and shoot him with the patriot and all of his stamina will go down VERY fast.

This works and is the quickest way to beat him non-lethally.
Hidden Cutscene
To see a funny and hidden cutscene, after you are tortured by Colonel Volgin, the boss sticks a transmitter in you. When you are in your cell you have the option to remove this, but if you want to see the cutscene keep it in. When you get to the part with EVA behind the waterfall, she will take it out in a hilarous and hidden cutscene.
Infinity Face Paint
To Get The Infinity face Paint You Must Capture The Legendary Tsuchinoko

step 1)
Get Some Mousetraps 1-3 Will Do it

Step 2)
In Svyatogornyj South There Is A Big Tree Just As You Are Leaving The Warehouse.It Has Vines That You Can Climb)Place The Mousetraps You Have Around The Base Of The Tree

Step 3)
Re-enter the warehouse then exit again Pick Up Your Mouse Traps And You Will Have Caught Animals In Them.You May Not Capture The Tsuchinoko First Time But keep Repeating The Process And You Will Soon Find It

You may have caught it now but it needs to be re-captured...

In Tikhogornyj Just Before You Enter The Water Fall.There Is A Tree Next The The Pool Of Water Where The Waterfall Is (The Tree Is On The Right) The Tsuchinoko Is Crawling Around The Base Of The Tree.Go Into The Water Fall Get You Equipment Back Then Exit Back Out Of The Waterfall And Capture It.

Now Just Keep The Tsuchinoko Until You Complete The Game And You Will Attain Tsuchinoko Rank And The Infinity Face Paint.
Jumping small gaps
If youy want to jump a small gap, simply run toward it and press the X button while running. Yes, I know this is a roll, but it can help you out alot!
Obtaining Stealth
Another Way To Obtain Stealth Rather Than Shooting All 64 Kerotans Which Can Be Annoying To Do You Can Complete The Game With 0 Alerts This Will Give You The Stealth Item Aswell
Ocelot Guard Locations
To find out all of the guard's locations for when you face the Ocelot Unit, interrogate the guard who is closest to Sokolov's room (besides the four that barge in). He will tell you to check the map, and you'll be able to see where all of the remaining guards are.
Playing with the title screen
Triangle button - Turns the background black so that you can only see Snake fighting the soldier

L1 button - Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.

L2 button - Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.

R1 button - Speeds up the Snake vs. soldier animation.

R2 button - Slows down the Snake vs. soldier animation.

L3 button - Changes the background design.

R3 button - Changes the screen's color.

see the sorrows body!
when the boss thorws you of a bridge look around instead of curing yourself there should be a big rock there is skelton there that is the sorrow if you can't see like this cure yourself then when a video comes and it tells you to presR1, press it and move your view left,this should give you the best view
The ghost of the sorrow helps you
when the tourture Cutscene plays when the boss walks up to you and place the transmitter back press the R1 button to see the sorrow holding up a chalk board with a codec writen in it pay close attention to it because that is the key to get out of the Cell
Unlock Reiko and Dixie from Rumble Roses in MGO
Accumulate 50 hours of online gameplay or host a match on Metal Gear Online to unlock Reiko and Dixie from Konami's "Rumble Roses".
Unlock the Patriot
Beat the game once and you unlock The Boss' kickass infinite machine gun.
Unlock the Single Action Army
To unlock another great weapon the SAA (Ocelot's weapon of choice), when you are fighting with Ocelot near the end you he will let you choose which gun you want. Pick the one on your right to unlock the SAA.