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Variety is the Spice of Life

The good:

The gameplay from Metal Gear Online is almost the same as its cousin, MGS4, which means that Konami did a good job transferring gameplay mechanics from MGS4 to an online game

It actually comes absolutely free with MGS4, you can simply access it by clicking 'Metal Gear Online' on the menu

Since it integrates the gameplay from MGS4, its totally different than any other shooter avaliable, such as Call of Duty, Gears of War, and such

The expansion packs are well worth the price, giving you new stages, Unique characters, and weapons to add to your arsenal

Fun, balanced gameplay, with newbies having their own lobby to mess around in, and oldies can create lobbies specifically for the higher levels, although the better players do have an advantage

A few RPG elements incorporated

All stages have both sides of them completely balanced

A beautiful presentation

Lots of different game types, game modes

A nice clan system

The bad:

There are a few cracks in the community

The levelling system for the skills is kind of bad

Barely anything happening online, now, because of lack of updates, and no news coming in

Not all of the mechanics are perfect for Online play


Metal Gear Online, MGO for short, it pretty much the Online version of MGS4. It pretty much covers the backstory of MGS4, with you, being a PMC force/rebel force, fight against each other. I like referring the RED team to rebels, BLU to PMC, but hey, that's just me. I like how they incorporated the SOP (Sons of the Patriots system) into the game. By simply making your character flick their finger, or saluting, you can link each other character in your team together, sharing information, such as where they currently are, if they got stunned, if they got captured, all that. There is a skill c...


Take the proxy wars online - And enjoy!

The good:

>- Well Intergrated Metal Gear Solid gameplay

>- In depth character creation

>- Constantly expanding

>- Graphically appealing

>- Compelling and enjoyable

>- Numerous game modes to play for up to 16 players

>- Easily grasped, yet complex to master

The bad:

>- Konami has a tendacy to mess things up each time they update it

>- Difficult to purchase the expansion pack GENE

>- Region locked

>- The game sometimes gives advantages to players with a POOR connection


Summary: Metal Gear Online, shortened simply to MGO, is what it says on the tin. It's a Online multiplayer version of the Metal Gear series. It was launched on the same day as Metal Gear Solid 4 as a basic starter pack and has since been updated and slowly improved over the months. In a sense in the space of the past few months It has matured and gotten better. So now that it seems just about done playing about I think it's worth a user review. So here we go. Once more the final score will be out of 40 but fractioned to a score out of 10.

Story: -

Well this is the hardest part to judge as sim...

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