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Metal Gear Online cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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MGO Commands
Press select twice to open up the chat menu, where you input these codes, to allow your soldier to issue commands.
Spoken CommandTyped
"Go! Go! Go!"<GO>
"The enemy's here!"<ENEMY> <EN>
"Covering!"<COVERME> <CM>
"Wait!"<WAIT> <WA>
"Roger that"<ROGER> <RO>
"Follow me!"<FOLLOW> <FO>
"Uh uh."<NEGATIVE> <NE>
"All clear."<CLEAR2> <CLR2>
"Defend the target!"<TARGET> <TA>
"Stay together!"<TOGETHER> <TO>
"Fall back!"<PULLOUT> <PO>
"Take cover!"<HIDE> <HI>
"Sorry."<SORRY> <SRY>
"Awesome!"<GOODJOB> <GJ>
"Good luck!"<GOODLUCK> <GL>
"I'm counting on you."<COMEON> <CO>
MGO titles
UnlockableHow to unlock
BearPerform a lot of CQC attacks.
BeePerform a lot of scans.
ChameleonPrefer Team Sneaking rules.
ChickenRarely participate in battle.
CrocodileHave a very good kill/death ratio.
DobermanA Top-Class Soldier.
DovePerform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
EagleHave a large percentage of headshots.
FoxThe Best Of The Best.
FoxhoundA Living Legend.
Flying SquirrelHave a high percentage of rolling.
GA-KOPrefer Rescue rules.
GrasshopperCrawl the majority of the time.
HoundA Superior Soldier.
JawsPerform a lot of knife kills.
KerotanPerform a lot of captures.
Night OwlUse the ENVG a lot.
PigeonPerform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
RatFall for a lot of traps.
SlothGet shot in the head a lot.
SnakePlay a lot of sneaking missions.
TsuchinokoRarely play.
TurtleUse the cardboard box a lot.
Water BearHave a high survival rate.
ElephantPrefers to play Base Missions
SkorpionUse the SMG
KonondoPlay SDM
Fighting FishPlay Deathmatch
Killer whalePlay TDM
Big BossLegendary merchanery kill/death ratio 2.0 in most game mods,male characters only
The BossThe real legend kill/death ratio 2.0 in most game mods, female characters only


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Character Sings!


To make your character sing.
Other players will hear your character singing.
Funny thing to do with Voices.
You can use the colored smoke grenades to alter your character's voice. Toss a smoke grenade, and make your character cough by it. The red smoke deepens it and slows it down somewhat. The green smoke restores it back to normal. The yellow smoke raises the pitch. White smoke has no affect and will not reset it. This effect does not wear off until you die or a new round starts.
The Cardboard Box's Advantages
The multifunctioning cardboard box can do:
  • Avoid the flash of a stun gernade
  • Avoid magazines
  • Regain stamina
  • Hide (This is an advantage because there are other boxes randomly scattered around the map, so people don't know which box is manned or unmanned)
  • The Cardboard Box also puts out fires.
  • (0.0569/d/www3)