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Avoid like Acid!


Normally I would only write a review if I've completed the game but for this I make an exception.
Initially I was gonna buy Metal Gear Acid as I just thought 'it's Metal Gear, it's bound to be good', but luckily I changed my mind and just rented it for one night instead.

Well where do I start? I suppose the story is a good start.
I only played it for about half an hour before my will to stay sane got the better of me so I don't know the whole ins and outs of the story.
A plane gets Hijacked by 3 dolls! Yes dolls. Why Hideo chose Chuckys' seed to take over a plane is beyond me but never mind. It's up to Snake to go in and recapture the plane...from the dolls.

First of all you won't actually be playing the game for the first 15 minutes or so. Probably more as I just lost my patience after 15 minutes and started pressing start. Long cut-scenes were tolerable even often enjoyable to sit through in MGS2 and Snake Eater because it was a good story, good graphics and great tension and music. However here they opted for stills. Images with speech bubbles to tell the story. Not something you want to sit and stare at for more then 5 minutes especially when it centres around Dolls capturing a plane.

After all the nonsense of the intro you're finally ready to start playing...well not really.
This is not the first time we've played as Snake. After all the years of combat and missions he's been through you'd expect him to be a Veteran. You'd expect him to just rip the Codec out of his ear and just murmur 'I know what needs to be done, leave me alone'. But no.
As soon as the first mission starts Snake gets down on his knees to call for help. Fans of the series expect this. He's probably calling for Intel on the mission ahead. Maybe get plans of his location and objectives. Unfortunatly not.
He needs to be told how to take 4 steps in one direction, then it's explained to him how to equip a weapon.

This is when you realise the utter crap Hideo decided to add to to this already dismal game...Cards.
Snake can't do single thing without a deck of cards in his pocket. He can't take a step, shoot an enemy, run from an enemy, climb a ladder without having a card in his hand that allows him to do so. Surounded by enemies?? Tough, you don't have the Shoot card!! Trying to escape? That card only take you 4 steps in one direction!

Anyway, you grit your teeth and bear it. You move 4 steps only to be greeted with another Codec call.
Snake: Oh no!! There's a ladder ahead!! What do I do?? How to I climb the ladder???

So you make it through the introduction stage. Easy.
This is when you finally get to some action. Well kinda.
You need to sneak past 4 guards. No problem.
Using those damn cards, you sneak 4 steps at a time up behind an unsuspecting guard. The action is turn based (a bit like Final Fantasy only 10 times worse), so you can only use 2 cards at a time before the others get to use any cards they have.
So after a few turns you finally come up behind the guard. Only to realise that the only option available is to punch the guard. No you can't grab him and choke him then take away his body to a secluded area. You can punch him...that's it. Well you can shoot him if you have the right card but even then the others would hear you and come running.
So you punch him. He gets knocked out.
But you've probably used up your 2 turns which means it's his turn. On his first turn he shakes off the stars and gets up, sees you standing next to him. On his 2nd turn he gets on his radio and calls for backup.

I finally made it past this stage and got to the second area which is inside with cameras and a few guards. I got irritated after a while and opened the PSP, took it out and replaced it with Lemmings.

It saddens me to say this, I love Metal Gear Solid, I own all MGS games even the extra ops and everything.
But even a fan like myself must be really blind not to see the poor effort put into this game. Not only are the cards pointless, annoying and ridiculously stupid, they completely turned an otherwise excellent franchise into a complete waste of our time and money.

Avoid this game like the plague. Only hardcore MGS fans completely devoted to everything MGS will like it.
Then again I might be wrong. As I said I only played it for half an hour, perhaps if I forced myself to play it further I might have realised that it's not so bad.
I'm purely basing my score on what I've played and from what I've seen it's the worst game I've played on my PSP to date.

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