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Avoid like Acid!


Normally I would only write a review if I've completed the game but for this I make an exception.
Initially I was gonna buy Metal Gear Acid as I just thought 'it's Metal Gear, it's bound to be good', but luckily I changed my mind and just rented it for one night instead.

Well where do I start? I suppose the story is a good start.
I only played it for about half an hour before my will to stay sane got the better of me so I don't know the whole ins and outs of the story.
A plane gets Hijacked by 3 dolls! Yes dolls. Why Hideo chose Chuckys' seed to take over a plane is beyond me but never mind. ...


Metal Gear AC!D

The good:

Great card stratagy,
many cards,
many levels,
and a good yet confusing story

The bad:

a little too short
and confusing story
and no voice overs <_<


This is a great and fun PSP games, and a little adicting. This game implements the fun styles of action adventer RPG and stealth. Although sneaking around isn't fun becuse you have to memorize patterns, and thats just boring, its much more fun just to rambo it out on everyone. This game is also easy to cheat on to get good cards, and I don't mean by passwords (see my cheet/tip). This game ramps up the dificulty mid way and is a great game overall. About the only drawback to this wander full game is that there are no voice overs so you have to read a lot of text, and can get a little anoying...

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