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Archer Maclean's Mercury - Excellent puzzler

The good:

- Doesn't get boring
- Addictive, although that can also be a bad thing
- Fun for anyone
- Challenging
- Brain training
- Original idea
- Extremely cheap to buy today

The bad:

- No online multiplayer
- Could have slightly better controls
- Music can get annoying


Archer Maclean's Mercury. A simple idea, used to great effect. This game really is unique.
Some people may not find this game appealing when someone says "you tilt a tray/level to move a blob of mercury to the end of it". But it's not as simple as that. (Yes, it's the tray that tilts, not you controlling the mercury blob)
Within the tray (their name for the world), their are lot's of different switches, doors, spinning passageways, pneumatic scoops etc.

The blob of mercury can take many different colors. It's primary colors are Yellow, Blue and Red. These colors can merge and make the secondar...



The good:

Graphics are A+, level design is great, ambient music changes on every level so the same tune is not looping through your head all the time

The bad:

Hand cramps if you play long enough without a break, load times are a tad long - especially the initial boot up


Very good game but rather hard for those that have problems with colors like myself. Starts off with very easy levels but stick with it for some challenge. Top-notch puzzle game for the PSP. Perfect for game for a handheld. Marble Madness fans now have a reason to rejoice.

Would have liked to see that tilt sensor included but the analog nub does a pretty good job once you get used to it. You kind of need to do a constant tap-tap-tap rather than trying to keep it held for micro-adjustments. Good game just need to find someone else that has it so I can try out the multiplayer aspects.

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