Mercenaries (PS2) Cheats

Mercenaries cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Allies Tip
On some levels if you go away from the actually area on the map there the mission is located you come some time find some allies.
If you take a vehicle up to the allies and use the vehicle's horn the the allies should climb into the vehicle depending if there is room in the vehicle. If you when take the vehicle with the allies in to where some enemies are, when you climb out of the vehicle the allies should attack the enemies if you are close enough to them.
If the vehicle is a tank or has a mounted gun on it the allies with also use it.
C-4 tornado
If you put the infinite ammo cheat on and stack as many C4 as you can (8) they will go CRAZY when you kick it (sometimes you dont need to kick it).

Try it with these too:
Carpet bombing
Helicopter winch
Inside a confined area
On a helicopter pad (medivac to the mash and use that one)

P.S: If you want to see it breakdance... shoot it.
C4 Fun!
If you lay down a C4 and kick it, you can detonate it in mid-air. It's a lot more fun and effective than grenades.
C4 Placement Limit
This should be rather obvious for those of you who have tried it, and counted it. But for those of you who don't know the limit of C4 you can place, here is the ammount. 8, that's right, 8 C4 can be placed, after you have placed 8, if you try placing another, you're guy will not respond, he will just stand there like an idiot. So before you decide to cause massive damage with C4, remember after 8, Just walk away, and you won't have to worry about, "Hey what the? he isn't placing anymore C4... What the, I've just been killed."

You're welcome, I mean those of you, who haven't figured this out already.
C4 Tip
You can lay more than one C4 on the ground and detonate all of them at the same time. You can also lay a C4 down and then kick it with the "SQUARE" button from behind. It will fly a good distance, about 15-20 meters.
Damage Done
Here's an easy way to tell if the target you're hitting is taking damage. Shoot at it and if the whole target blinks every time you hit it, it's taking damage. If it doesn't blink, then it isn't being damaged, meaning you should use some heavier armaments on it. Obviously, it the target exploded in a ball of flame, you did a spot of damage.
Easier last mission!
Ok, takes a little practice. To begin, proceed normally with your tank squad blowing up the NK forces as usual until you reach the first "village" - about the point when what's-her-face tells you the helicopters will "tear through the tanks!"
Knock the first one or two out of the sky with your tank (just center yourself with the radar then aim up and wait for the crosshairs to go red: you don't have to see it to fire at it.)
When you have downed the first heli or both first helis, wait for the next to arrive. Get out of your tank and hide on the opposite side while it does attack runs and you will eventually get an opportunity to hijack it. Hijack the gunship helicopter and then fly around in disguise too high to be spotted by officers. Don't stop to attack anything, just proceed to the checkpoint and then on to the missile launch base. Easy and cheap - Took me forever to figure this out and it's SO much faster than clawing your way up to the top.
Easy Last mission
When you start, get out of the tank and order a Sports car from your PDA.

Once it lands, get in and you'll look like a civilian. This way you won't get shot by the guards ETC.

When you get to the area (the Prision) a North Korean officer will see you so drive as fast and as far as you can. Press L1 making you get out of the car. Run inside the building and Talk to the prisoner.

Once you come out, your car will look messed up but it's health will be 100%.

At some points you'll have to get out and shoot some tanks with a anti Tank missiles.

Once you get to the Nuke area, just stay in front of the door. Don't worry about the timer, it's trick. Wait for Song to land his helicopter.

When he gets out knock him out, and let his lay there for a little bit (unless you wanna kill him) and kill his guards.

You can now call in an extraction and get your 100,000 Million dollars.
Easy money (Allied HQ Challenge)
If you're running low on cash or simply want to make easy money. Go to the Allied HQ base and talk to the soldier with the money sign over his head. He wants you to take out five targets (a combination of tanks and missile carriers). Before accepting the challenge,make sure you have an RPG (with full ammo) and a strong close quarters weapon i.e. the SMG and choose a fairly fast vehicle (I found the Russian Mafia truck and the NK scout work really well).Head for the nearest target first, which is situated on top the hill where you captured the 2 of Clubs).Park the vehicle in the opposite direction of the first building. There should be two NK scouts positioned on either side. Ignore these, run in and rush the tank/missile carrier and fire the RPG at the target. If its a tank then it will probably take two rockets. Take out one of the rocket soldiers to replenish your ammo. Press th gas to the fullest and clear the billboard, if you do it correctly you should make the landing intact and take the alternate path (not the bridge) to access the other targets. For the last remaining targets use the roadway heading west, going as fast as you can. When you're approaching the targets slow down slightly and quickly exit the vehicle, you should jump out (make sure the vehicle is in the middle of the road). Rush the targets and ignore the infantry. As soon as you see the tanks on fire, quickly run back to your vehicle. Try not to miss, otherwise you will have to face the rocket soldiers to restock. These soldiers are not difficult, rather time consuming. For the last target, and if you have time to spare, wait for the last remaining 15-20 seconds before engaging. Stay slightly back from the target, close enough to strike quick. Once you've destroyed the last target, then engage the rocket soldiers to restock. Rinse, clean, repeat. Also note: If you can access a helicopter (the Chinese WZ-9 works wonders) then by all means use that, you'll find it much more easier.
Getting Helicopters
Ever see those helicopter flying around the MASH in the northern area and wanted one?

Buy or find a mafia MD-530 helicopter.

Go above one of helicopters that's taken by someone else. Press square making you decend. If done right the bottom of your helicopter should hit the top of the other helicopter making it go low to the ground.

Land fast and steal it before it goes back up, be carful not to hit it too hard or too much, or it will blow up. Even if it does the fraction won't get mad at you.

This can be used to get any helicopter.
glitch grenade pack (get 12 frag grenades not 6)
ok you must be on the reactor retrieval contract witch is allied and is in the 3rd chapter (hearts).

do the first part of the contract (save and extract 3 allied inspectors be for the guards kill them) then you will be told to drop off the inspectors at the allied
out post. hear you will see tents but if you look to the side you will see 3 crates. smash all 3 so you can find
it. in these 3 crates there will be a few carbines some health and
the glitch grenade pack. the grenade pack looks
identical to a ammo pack but it is not...

on a ammo pack\'s you see a bullet flag float above
them but on this there is no flag floating above it.
so now for the main bit as you stand near the glitch
grenade pack you will see a subtitle saying press
triangle to pick up grenade\'s.
you will notice that every time you press triangle
you will see that the merc loads his gun over and
over again. but in order to make it active you
must first use all 6 of your stun grenades then make sure you have atleast 1 frag grenade.
then you will find that when you press try to
collect the grenade pack you will see 6 grenades
in your grenade count.

but hear is the cool bit...

if you try to switch to stun grenades then nothing will happen. or so you may think. what is really happening is you are switching between two sets of frag grenades.

this means when you have used 6 frag\'s you can switch by pressing L2 as you would do for stun grenades and you will see another 6 frag grenades there. so basically it switches your stun grenades for a extra set of frag grenades.

note- once you have activated this glitch it can not be turned off so back up your game.

note-now every time you go to a normal grenade pack you will now get 12 frag grenades in stead of 6.

Hostile with Allies?
If you're hostile with the Allies there is a simple way to get them back into your good graces-simply call in the "Medivac" while not on a contract. You'll be transported to the Allied MASH and your faction bar will increase to "Unfriendly".
How to get a free supply drop
To get a free supply drop or vehicle drop of any Merchant of Menace Item do the following;
1) select the item (supply or vehicle) from the MoM menu.
2) Throw the beacon.
3) Before the beacon hits the ground, go back into the Merchant of Menace and select ANY other item.
4) Return to the game. The Supply or Vehicle you ordered will be delivered but you will not be charged for it
KA-50 Attack Helicopter
This is very hard to find helicopter in the game. Get to the part when you can start capturing the Spades. Do Mafia missions until you get to the mission where you must kill the brigade officers. Go the officer northeast of Mafia HQ. Right beside him is the helicopter, flying low or landed. If it is flying, simply use an anti armor rifle and shoot the pilot. This helicopter has one less weapon than the YAH-56 Gunship. It has a 30mm cannon, dumb rockets, and anti tank rockets, and is a lightweight helicopter.
More Money
In the Chiniese Mission "Manipulate The Data" while your talking to peng go up to the lamp on the corner of his desk and it will say "Switch" hit triangle Once And you will get A small pay increase
Running with Cards
If you have captured a card, and he is on your back, you character will only walk. This may get you shot, run-over, or killed if you have to walk away from a large mass of enemies, or even a small mass with heavy machine guns. To be able to run with your captive, go into the merchant of menace shop while he is on your back. Order anything, I usually use beacons(smoke grenades). After you order your whatever, you character should be holding the laser, smoke, satellite or whatever you use to summon things to you. Your character should be able to run with your captive. You can't take out weapons or beat people with your item, the captive will automatically be dropped as if you were walking. This works especially well on aces, because you usually get shot a couple of times picking them up and trying to run away.

---Another useful Tip, When you have a card on your shoulders, adn you're in a tight spot, you can use the glitch above, or you can find an empty vehicle(usually a sungri scout whose occupants cease to exist) and get in like normal. Then you can drive to a safer spot(allied MASH, AN hedquarters, Kaesong, anywhere NK troops can/can't get you) and summon your extraction. And no, you can't take your prisoner straight to Garret for an upfront bounty.
shooting pilots
If you have the armor proof Sniper Rifle, you can shoot the pilots in the head to make the whole helicopter crash.

This way you can hi jack it or you don't have to waste rockets on the helicopters.
Taking down Song
Once you get to the end of the level (the big base) Just take out the guards near by and wait for the time to run out (don't worry, nothing happens) You'll see a helicopter coming, don't shoot it down. Let it land. When the guys come get out of the helicopter (Including song) just use a flash bang and then kill the rest of the guys... After that take down song.

Make sure most of the SAMs are out of the area, Otherwise the helicopter that comes to extract song or the helicopter will be shot down.

If you do it right you should get your 100,000,000
Unlockable Skins
If you play some of the last of each factions' missions (Spades Section), you should unlock some skins. I believe it's the 2nd to last mission. Maybe the first.

Buford - Beat South Korea's Spade Contracts
Peng - Beat the Chinese's Spade Contracts
Josef- Beat the Mafia's Spade Contracts


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Ace of Diamonds Contract Glitch
There are 2 little glitches in the Ace contract, the first is on the right of the first bridge right after the radiation zone, go to the water and you will noticethe water ends before it touches the beach, so it looks like a thin paper,right when you go under it, you start swimming. The other glitch is on the road in the middle of the larger island, there is a tree floating in the air that you can walk under.


-dont remember what last Deck of 52 member you verified,listen to a newsvan

-here are some challenges you can try:
1-capture every deck of 52 member (dont let any die)
2-on Ace of Club contract, defeat NK troops and keep all allied troops alive
3-on Ace of Diamond contract, rescue all pilots(5 total) and keep all alive(make sure all 5 standing nearby, while evacuating.

Do this and i will be impressed (NO CHEATS)
Behind Ene... Allied Lines?
This is a simple glitch, anyone can find this out.

First go to the PDA and factions page and press these arrow keys,



and you are now invincible, (for time being)

Then go in a helicopter (when you are driving it, also invincible)
then go as far you can into red territory surounding map, there is nothing i can do about the annoying voice and jets trying to blast you, so dont stay out there to long, if youhappen to land, or stuck and your helicopter blows wait till jets leave before ordering and entering new copter, or just use the MEDIVAC option.

Easter eggs

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Double grenades!
When you start the Spades set, head to just south of the chemical complex. There will be two cards there, head for the six of spades. In front of the building, there will be a national treasure and crate. Break the crate and there will be ammo boxes with the switch action. You can either get double stun grenades or double frag grenades. It will say which one is which.


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A easy and fun way to kill a north korean veichale
get any heilocopter with a magnet and drop it on the car* bring it over water and drop it. For hellicopters, wait till you are disgused fly above them drop your magnet on thier porpelor and fly then in to rocks
All Cheats
Here are all, or at least most of the cheats for Mercenaries in an organized list.

To Enter these cheats you must be in the last menu in the PDA (enter PDA by pressing SELECT, and go to the last menu by continuously pressing R1).

when in this menu enter any of these cheats:

invincibility: up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right

infinite ammo: right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left

add $1,000,000: right, down, left, up, up, left, down, right

Unlock all shop items: down, down, down, down, up,left right, right

reset all factions to "neutral": up, up, up, up, down, down, right, left

All Cheats 4 Game
(Some codes do not work until the correct amount of National Treasure/Blueprints have been found.)

Reload Ammo
When low on ammo, mount a turret in a vehicle and your ammo will be replinished.

Play as mafia heavy
left, left, right, right, down, up, down, up

All Item In Merchat Of Menance Shop
Press Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Left, Right, Right

Play as Indiana Jones
Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down.
Cheat weapons crate
Verify all of the cards in the deck of 52 to unlock the Cheat Weapons Crate in the Merchant of Menance shop for $800,000. The Cheat Weapons Crate contains three different super powered weapons (the Street Sweeper, Pocket Artillery, and the Portable Airstrike). Note: The Cheat Weapons Crate can also be unlocked with the "All shop items" code
Cheat crate
Verify all the Cards (Number Cards, Face Cards, and Aces) to unlock a secret crate. This crate contains three different super-powered weapons: The Street Sweeper, Pocket Artillery, and the ultimate weapon, the Portable Airstrike.

Playground Of Destruction mode
Successfully complete the game, then verify General Song (the Ace of Spades). Save the game when prompted. Load that saved game to start the game again with all money and support items previously collected.

Free ammunition and repairs
Choose a mission. Park a damaged vehicle in the base where the mission is located, accept the contract, then immediately cancel it. Select "No" at the "Retry" menu. Your vehicle will be repaired with full ammunition at no cost.

Blueprint rewards
Collect the indicated number of Blueprint bounties to get the corresponding reward:

1: All C4 Crate Drop
5: Sniper Rifle Drop
10: Stringer Supply Drop
15: Anti-tank Supply Drop
20: Mafia Heavy Soldier skin cheat code
30: NK Elite Soldier skin cheat code
40: Prototype Supply Drop
50: NK Number Card (Spades) skin cheat code
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: Han Solo skin cheat code

National Treasure rewards
Collect the indicated number of National Treasure bounties to get the corresponding reward:

1: Chinese Scout Delivery
5: H3 Delivery
10: Chinese Fuel Truck Delivery
20: Indiana Jones skin cheat code
30: Civilian Doctor skin cheat code
40: Civilian Prisoner skin cheat code
50: Ace of Diamonds skin cheat code
15: $50,000
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: SKU Elite Soldier skin cheat code

Monument rewards
Collect the indicated number of Monument bounties to get the corresponding reward:

10: North Korean ZSU 57 Anti Air Delivery
20: $250,000

SKU Listening Post rewards
Collect the indicated number of SKU Listening Post bounties to get the corresponding reward:

10: Health Crate Supply Drop
20: Civilian Baggage Carrier Delivery
30: Mafia MD-350 Scout Delivery
40: NK Numeric Card (Hearts) skin cheat code
50: Pilot skin cheat code
55: $250,000
Don't Pay For Any Drops from Russians
Okay all you have to do is order a supply/car/weapon drop (does not work with bombing stuff) after you throw the beacon and before it touches the ground press select and go back to the mafia ordering list then go to the same thing you ordered and order it again.It will take you back to the normal screen and your money will not go down however you still get the package.
Gameshark Cheats: Master Code, Infinite Health, Ammo, and Gernades usage
[M] Must Be On

982E88D6 78369C29


2816ED40 01E256E5

2816EDD8 B1C34A65

2816EDED A1C9257E

2816EDD0 64447A88

28033622 A1426965


2816ED03 F7FBE485

2816EDF7 B1F04A65

2816ED54 A1A3B90F

2816ED01 64448540

280E12ED A14269F1

Grenade Usage

2808CEF2 0CA57A65

Please Note: The following codes are for the GameShark 2 Version 3.

Infinite Ammo + 1 million dollars
Enter these codes when you open your "PDA" under the "Faction" mode:

Infinite Ammo: right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left

1 million dollars: right, down, left, up, up, left, down, right
Misc tips
HeadQuarters EasterEgg Actions
While taking face card contracts (Jacks, Queens and Kings) different actions within the HQs that is giving you the
contract will become available. These actions will present themselves as you walk around inside the HQs, you will be prompted with <item>; Y' (just like sitting or getting up from the chair). These actions become available only after the initial dialog is finished though, so sit tight for a minute then search around.

Jennifer has backpack in second costume.
To have Jennifer Mui wear her backpack from her first costume while in her second costume, start in her first costume (with backpack) and use a skin cheat (ex. Han Solo, Mafia Heavy, etc.) Now go to the Allied MASH in the second province and change costumes. Jennifer will now have her back pack attached to her second costume. To undo this change in the first costume the back into the second.

Refill Vehicle Health and Ammunition
To get a free refill of your vehicles health and ammo simply exit the vehicle and walk away from it until you cannot see it anymore. Now, head back to the vehicle and it should be fully repaired and re-armed.


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PDA Faction Cheats

Han Solo Skin: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up , Up

Bufford Skin: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Down, Down

Infinite Health: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right

All Items In Merchant Of Menance Shop: Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Left, Right, Right
Get $1,000,000 Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right

Infinite Ammo: Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left

Allied Pilot: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down

SK Elite: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Down

Play as a Hearts Card: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Down, Up

Play as Deck of 52 member: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down

Reset all factions to neutral: Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left

Play as mafia heavy: left, left, right, right, down, up, down, up

Ace of Diamonds: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Up

Prisoner: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Down

Doctor: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Down

NK Elite: Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Up

Play as Indiana Jones: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down.

play as Peng: left, left, right, right, up, down, down, left
Josef left left right right down up up up


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Quick Money
If you want some quick cash try taking out any statues. For each one you destory you will receive $10,000.
Unlimited Health
I found a code so that you can get unlimited health (note enter the code under the Faction mode when you open your PDA) This cost will also protect vehicles that you drive but only when you are driving them. One more thing about the health code is that you have to re-enter the code at the beginning of every mission.

up , down , up , down , left , right , left , right
The YAH-56 Gunship is the most powerful helicopter in the game; it is armed with rapid-fire 30mm cannon (grenade launcher), anti-air missiles, anti-tank missiles, and dumb-fire rockets. You must have an anti-armor rifle and a RPG or anti tank rocket. Grenades work somewhat, but are not recommended. You cannot use an anti air. Find one flying (try the North Korean Allied MASH, when you complete the second ACE contract you will "unlock" this). Once you are there, find a YAH-56 Gunship with the binoculars. Then, go to it and make sure it is over flat land. Take out your RPG or your anti tank rocket and shoot above it. It will fly down slightly. Then, take out your anti armor rifle and shoot the pilot (located the back seat of the helicopter). If you cannot see him through the glass, shoot under the cockpit. Once he is dead, you will have about $25, 000 depleted and your helicopter should land on the ground safely. Try again if it falls on its side or something else happens. Do not be afraid of the tail rotor. If it is half way in a rock, it does not effect it. Note: This strategy can be used with any helicopter.

To get the YAH-56 Gunship easier, get a standard sniper rifle and shoot the bottom. If this does not kill the pilot, the chopper will lower somewhat. Walk in front of the chopper, then shoot the front seat and the pilot will die.

To find a YAH-56 Gunship, go to the second province, then go to the Mafia garage. To the left of the front of the garage is a challenge marked with the "$" symbol. Take the challenge, but instead of flying to the goal, do some recon and learn where all the A.T.A. missile launchers are and destroy them in any way possible. Next, fly to the nuclear power plant. Instead of taking out all the people, fly to the gunship and take it. You now have your own flying tank. Note: If you lose your disguise, North Koreans will get in your gunship, start shooting at you, and force you to blow it up.