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Oh No You Didn't...


Pandemic are a small yet amazingly successful development group. Debuting with Playstation 2 titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Destroy All Humans and of crouse, Mercenaries; still games that are considered as absolute gold-dust, it’s late 2008 and Pandemic are pulling out all the stops. Firstly the game in question, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, was released in early September, but their next project is sure to be a huge hit amongst gamers. Lord of the Rings: Conquest, for those of you who didn’t know is a twist on the game-style of Star Wars Battlefront, but thrusts you into the uni...


A Good Game.

The good:

The game has wide array of assaults and air strikes so you will never get boired of the mass of support! Get behind the wheel of over 200 gunships tanks, attack helicopters sports cars, bikes and custom vehicles so you can drive in style that suits your type of character. Play as three different mercenaries who have different personalities and abilities. Play at your will with amazing colorful sandbox game play. Turn the tables on your enemy with weapons that will knock down your enemy in a shot, including the all powerful nuke! There is so many ways of playing you'll hardly ever tire with this game! The 6 factions in the game are great for getting money and shop items that bring you more into the plot about the man who betrayed you! Each faction has their own unique missions and side missions so there is no end the amount of money you can make!

The bad:

Although this game has the good sides it also has it's bad side to, The things I am going to say is there is too many glitches that mess up game play. the grenade explosions are not satisfying much to the game play. If you fall of the the tallest building in the game, you don't die your health just reduces to 2HP and your standing up.


PLOT: This is the story about a mercenarey gettin revenge on a man who betrayed him. Play as Mattais Nilsson, Mattais was born in Arvidsjaur, Sweden in 1973 and served in the Swedish Navy as an artillery officer, and as an Arctic Ranger in the Swedish Army.or jennifer mui, she joined the British Army,and her great talent was noticed by an MI6 member. She was accepted into MI6, but was not satisfied by her pay. She left MI6 and became a mercenary and lastly Chris Jacobs. Chris Born in San Jose, California. Raised in a military family, Jacobs also joined the Army when he was older, where he ...

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