Mercenaries 2: World In Flames FAQ/Walkthrough
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Mercenaries 2: World In Flames FAQ/Walkthrough

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This walkthrough was originally written for Mercenaries 2: World In Flames on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
Mercenaries 2: World In Flames--PS2 version, Walkthrough and Game guide.

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Table of Contents:

Note: To quickly get to a section, use either CTRL + F on PCs or CMD + F on Macs
and put in the code on the right side into the box that will pop up.

1. The Big Picture  A100
2. Factions:  A101
3. Rescue Carmona  B100
4. What's Yours is Mine--Story Mission 1  C100
5. Executive Bonfire: Mission 1 for UP:  D100
6. Recruit Ewan the Copter Pilot  E100
7. Recruit Eva the Mechanic  E101
8. Recruit Misha Milanich--Jet Pilot E102
9. Do Jobs for the contacts  F100
10. Rampart Ruination: Mission 1 for PLAV G100
11. Do jobs for the PLAV Contact and get the Sniper Rifle  H100
12. Listening Closely: Mission 2 for UP  I100
13. Viva la Revoluci溶: Mission 2 for PLAV  J100
14. Do Jobs for your contacts before taking on Blanco K100
15. Rigging the Game {Get Blanco} L100
16. Finish doing jobs for any of the various contacts. M100
17. Everybody Pays {Get Solano (First Try} N100
18. Four Little VIPs: Mission 1 for Allies  O100
19. Refining Our Grasp: Mission 2 for Allies  P100
20. War in the Sun: Battle for Caracas (Allied Nations)Q100
21  Rescue Chinese Spy: Mission 1 for Chinese  R100
22. Universal Devastation: Mission 2 for Chinese  S100
23. War in the Sun: Battle for Caracas (Chinese) T100
24. Lets Get This Show one the Road {Get Salano and Blast the Bunker}  V100
25. Notes and that sort of thing: W100
26. Weapons list W101
27 Vehicle List W102


1. The Big Picture and Three Little Ones A100

The main goal of a mercenary is to make lots of money so they can retire before
they die. Since your mercenary just got screwed out of a big payday (the $100
Million from a few years ago obviously got spent), you're now out for revenge.

A Merc will want to be paid, but there's also a reputation to protect. Get
screwed by one dead-beat and the rest of them will follow.

There are three Mercs you can play as, all of whom seem to play remarkably alike
on the surface. However, there are subtle differences:

Chris Jacobs
"Mind if I borrow this?!"
Formerly the "tough guy", now he's just the "weapons guy". Chris Jacobs can
stock 20% to 33% more small arms ammunition. Although one rocket for an RPG may
not be much, when you consider he can lug around 900 rounds for his light
machinegun, you pretty much can have a load of fun without exposing yourself.

Jennifer Mui
"I ruin more suits this way."
Formerly the "stealth chick", this Anglo-Asian psychopath is now the "speed
demon". Jennifer can sprint faster than the other mercs, which can lead to some
interesting "I wasn't here when that airstrike killed your buddies" scenarios.
Call in an airstrike and have her speed around a corner. Blameless murder made

Mattias Nilsson
"This is an emergency! A Viking emergency!!"
Formerly the "speedy guy", this Swedish maniac is now the "tough guy". Like
Chris Jacobs from the first game, Mattias is the beginner character. He can
regenerate health much more quickly than the others. If you are not sure who to
play first, play Mattias so you have a larger cushion of error.


2. Factions: A101

The plot of Mercenaries 2 unfolds through missions players perform for the
different factions in the game and the various jobs that one may get from the
contacts for the various factions.

Many of your actions will effect your reputation with the various factions.
During the course of the game you will lose reputation with one or more of the
factions at some point. The last mission in the game (Battle for Caracas) will
always make you lose reputation with the opposing force.

There are six factions in the game, but you can only work with five of them. Of
the five factions, only four will have story-related missions for you. If you
attack a faction's soldiery, they will respond in kind and deny your Merc
contracts and jobs you may need to finish the game. You can make friends again
with factions by attacking their enemies, bribing them, and doing jobs for them.

Universal Petroleum
This is a private oil company operating in Venezuela under the former
government's sanction. With Carmona's coup, Universal Petroleum is now in danger
of having its assets seized and its employees deported. While most will see this
as "cutting one's losses", Texas oil companies don't like being told what to do.
Universal Petroleum is opposed by the PLAV and the Chinese (the Venezuelan
military is a given). Allied Nations forces work well with Universal Petroleum.

People's Liberation Army of Venezuela (PLAV)
This is a revolutionary group in Venezuela headed by Marcela Acosta, but
suspected to be backed by Chinese, Russians, and other unnamed rogue states. The
PLAV's goal is to end foreign meddling by private companies like Universal
Petroleum and to reclaim their country. The PLAV is allied with China, and
attacks the Allied Nations, Universal Petroleum, and the Venezuelan military.

Allied Nations
The Allied Nations in the game is headed primarily by the United States. Unlike
the first game, the CIA has taken a more direct hand in the Venezuelan matter
since it is in the U.S.' own backyard. The Allied Nations are buddies with
Universal Petroleum, but opposes the actions of the other factions.

China is always state-making and breaking on its own terms. China's search for
crude has extended past Africa. Its support of the P.L.A.V. as a proxy against
the grand-standing U.S. is yet another step in the Great Game. China is allied
with the PLAV and actively fires on the Allied Nations and its proxy Universal
Petroleum allies. They treat the Venezuelan military no better than one would a
garden viper -- as a pest to be crushed.

Jamaican Pirates
Although there are pirates of every nationality, disenfranchised Jamaicans make
up the pirate population in the islands north of Caracas. They have no story
related missions for your merc to do, but their bonus missions unlock more shop
items for you. Note that the pirates indiscriminately attack all other factions
-- and like-wise, they are detested by every faction save your own (the PMC

Venezuelan Military
The military is nominally under Solano's command, but it is under Carmona's
control. until they are forcibly killed or captured, Venezuelan militia will
attack all factions on sight -- including their own fledgling insurgency.

Executive Operations (PMC)
This is your mercenary company. Sometimes you'll want to perform some missions
for yourself.
Vehicles and personnel under this faction are those who follow your mercenary.
If a faction is hostile to your merc, they will fire and destroy your vehicle;
otherwise they treat you as friendly. In short, there is no difference in
belonging to this faction, as it is reflected by your own standing status with
the factions.

3. Rescue Carmona--PMC  B100

After the first cut scene, you'll be piloting a boat. The mini-map on bottom
left corner of your screen will show you where to go. When you get onto the
beach, you'll get a crate near by. Bash the crate to open it. It contains
medical supplies, farther along the dock is another crate of medical supplies..
You come back here if you get wounded.

You then have to destroy the barracks with a surgical strike. Press up on the
D-pad and you'll open the support menu. Select the (free) Laser Guided Surgical
Strike and then hold the laser on the target to destroy the barracks.

Next Fiona tells you that there is a tank up ahead that she can see on satellite
and suggests that you hijack it.

When you get close enough to Carmona Fiona tells you that you need to clear the
area of the VZ before you can rescue Carmona,this means that you need to
eliminate the VZ marked with yellow circles. Before you eliminate all of them
you should go around the back of where they are holding Carmona and you will
find a pallet of cash.

Once you have eliminated all of the marked VZ then you can go to where there is
yellow marker and release Carmona, end of mission.

4. What's Yours is Mine--PMC   C100

Your objective here is to acquire a base of operations. Start by heading to
Solano's Villa. The location is marked on your map. Before you go check out the
table behind the house, there's a suitcase full of money there. Head down the
road. You can either drive past the people shooting at you, or you can try to
fight them.

Once you reach the villa, you'll find a main gate guarded by two machineguns.
You can drive (or run) all the way around the wall to your left. The wall
doesn't go all the way around the villa so you can get in just by going around
it.  Once inside you'll have to deal with lots of soldiers (some armed with
RPGs) and some of Solano's entourage. Once you've cleared out the villa grounds,
you can go inside the front door. Take out the guys in this room and then verify
the commanding officer, you'll complete the mission..

You'll now have a base where you can speak to Fiona who will give you missions.
You can also just leave at any time and explore around.

One Contact is now available and a Mission is available from Universal Petroleum

If you wish you can do a job or two for Ferric Venbles in order to unlock some
supplies, but they won't be deliverable yet, so I just go ahead and do the
mission for UP.

5. Mission for Universal Petroleum: Executive Bonfire  D100

    * Objectives: Protect UP Marketing Exec while he destroys documents and then
return him to UP HQ.

Go to the Refinery in Cambias with a couple of UP mercs in a UP Technical and
protect UP Marketing Exec David Espinoza while he burns documents.

Once you have completed this mission you will be given some intel on Listening
Closely, but it needs Helicopter support

A Mission is now available from the PLAV, and two new contacts appear a UP
Contact  and a AN Contact, but first do some recruiting for Executive Operations

After you have completed the Executive Bonfire Mission for UP, Fiona will tell
you about Ewan Garrett the Helicopter Pilot.

6. Recruit Ewan: Amazon Escape  E100

Objective: Help Ewan get his helicopter back---very difficult

Go meet Ewan in the Amazon near the PLAV.

Escort Ewan to his helicopter . Next defend him while he makes repairs and pick
up cargo that Ewan lost when went down.

Finally then defend the helicopter by acting as his gunner on the flight back to
Home Base.

The most difficult part of this mission is taking out the VZ attackers with RPGs
and managing to get the helicopter back in one piece,..

After you have recruited Ewan the Copter Pilot Fiona will tell you that you can
take the contract for UP and then Fiona goes on to tell you about Eva Navarro
the mechanic, so go look up Eva.

7. Recruit Eva: Build a Monster Car, Seriously  E101
objective: help Eva create a Monster Car and then deliver it intact.

You need to help Eva create a Monster Car, by gathering the pieces that Eva
needs and then deliver the Monster Car intact to the buyer. Very easy except
that you need to be careful and get the completed car to the buyer without the
Pirates destroying it.

After you have recruited Eva the mechanic, Fiona will tell you about Misha
Milanich the Pilot.

8. Recruit Misha: Comrade, Where's My Car?  E102

Objective: Get Misha's Car back from the Pirates. --can be difficult

First Get to the Island that has the car..

On the island there are two Helipads with helicopters, you might want to destroy
one of them and then steal the other one and put it some place where you can get
to it later, or you can take the car first and then get one of the helicopters.

Once you are on the island you need to find the large building that is sort of
like a hanger that has the car.

Next get the car someplace so that it is open and leave it, so that you can come
back and winch it with a helicopter that you steal from the Pirates.

It can hard to do this without making the Pirates very upset with you, but if
you take the helicopter out of the area and wait until you have the Pirate
disguise up and then come back to winch the car, it is doable if you are good at
winching things.

Once you have recruited Misha and the mission: "Comrade, Where's My Car?" is
completed, make sure to take the street racer that will be there where Misha was
and make sure to do it before you quit or reload the game, you may need to move
off and come back, but it will be there to grab later as long as you don't quit
or reload the game, etc.

9. Do jobs for your contacts  F100

 Once you have recruited Ewan, Eva and Misha it is time to do some jobs for your
Contacts as you need to gather money, equipment and supplies before taking on
the UP Mission.

Generally speaking one should do the Jobs in the order that I present them, but
this is not strictly necessary as there is quite a bit of flexibility as to what
the order needs to be.


Ferric Venbles--Jobs:
1. Medicine Man
       Hijack Ambulance containing medical supplies before it reaches
destination in West Maracaibo and deliver it to the Pirates
      Unlocks: Medical supply drop
2. Precious Cargo- [repeatable 3x]
       take a Truck with weapons to pirate house, & protect Pirates as they
unload the cargo
      Unlocks: Pirate Supply Drop
3. Public Transportation
       Use a Bus to take agents to a copter
      Unlocks: Cluster Bomb
4. Beijing Cocktail [repeats]
       Race to the Antidote keeping adrenalin up.
      Unlocks: New Pirate Contact: Spike Reddie

AN Contact Alex Grisha--Jobs:
1. Barrels on Fire
       protect barrels at a oil location from VZ for a set time---take 2 UP
mercs with you in a UP technical
      Unlocks: Allied Scout
2. Guerrillas in the Midst
     eliminate Guerrillas at a PLAV outpost--blowup buildings, don't harm any
      Unlocks: Allied Supply drop
3. Outlaws
     eliminate Squad of VZ troops
      Unlocks: Allied AT Scout

UP Contact Alan Smyth--Jobs:
1. Verify This! [repeats]
      Unlocks: Anti-Tank missile drop
2. Up In Smoke [repeatable 2x]
       disable C4 at UP Refinery and kill all VZ troops
      Unlocks: Demolition drop
3. A Fire Burns
       escort Fire Truck to a Fire at a UP location and protect it from 3 groups
of VZ on the streets
      Unlocks: UP Technical
4. Capture Outpost
      Unlocks: New UP contact Cmdr. Breshnik


10. Mission for PLAV: Rampart Ruination  G100
Destroy several key structures on Fortress Island and Extract Chinese Agent for

Objective Destroy 5 key facilities on the Island plus bonus objective of
destroying 5 AA which allows for reinforcements, plus bonus objective of not
allowing 2 officers to leave Island.

My method is to hijack one or more of the Escobedo Patrol Boats that are in the
water near the island and I use ts on-board cannon.  to destroy two of the Key
Facilities and three or maybe 4 of the AA units, which just leaves one or maybe
two of the SAMs to destroy using other means.

Once all of the SAMs have been destroyed Acosta authorizes Strategic Missile
strikes for you, so now get on your gunboat and get close enough to use
Satellite targeting, while still staying out of range of the GPS Jammer, and
destroy two more of the Key Facilities.

Now get on shore and go to the last Key Facility, which happens to be the GPS
Jammer, destroy that and you are almost done.

Once the five key facilities have been destroyed, the Chinese hostage needs to
be rescued and extracted. This is easy just go up to the top of where you,
making sure to kill any VZ you can find and then release the hostage and call
for the extraction on the next level below where the hostage was. There is
plenty of room and generally it is a safe place.


11. Do jobs for your contacts  H100

After this PLAV mission is complete more Contacts appear, there is a new Chinese
contact on the map, and 2 New PLAV contacts.

However your main goal should be to do Jobs for the PLAV Contact near the PLAV
HQ so that you get the Sniper Rifle unlocked.

PLAV Contact Lt. Acevedo--Jobs:
1. An Officer and a Mercenary [repeats]
       Verify VZ Officers
      Unlocks: Demolition Drop
2. Everyone Loves a Parade
     use provided Sniper Rifle to eliminate a VZ General before Time Expires
      Unlocks: Sniper Rifle drop

Spike Reddie--Jobs:
1. Pedal Pusher [repeats]
       How far one can go in 60 sec in Civilian Street Racer
       Unlocks: Civilian Street Racer
2. Wet Work [repeatable 4x]
      Eliminate former Pirate Agent
       Unlocks: Covert Supply Drop
3. Hang Time [repeats]
      use provided street racer to get Air and beat the previous record
       unlocks Pirate gunney copter
4. Mole-A-Cide
     Subdue a mole before he escapes and deliver him for interrogation
       Unlocks: Special Weapons Drop
5. Keeping It Real [repeatable 3x]
     Destroy a subsidized Civilian Radio station that is Anti-Pirate
       Unlocks: Bunker Buster Bomb and unlocks new Pirate Contact once the final
PLAV Mission is completed


UP Contact Cmdr. Breshnik--Jobs:
1. Special Delivery [repeatable 2x]
       Deliver a Fuel Truck to an Oil Refinery Quickly
      Unlocks: UP Technical GL
2. Oil Escape
       Extract a UP Exec from a Hot Spot
      Unlocks: Anti-Air Missile


Next we do the final Mission for UP.

12. Final UP Mission: Listening Closely  I100

    Objective: Deliver 3 listening posts to locate the hostage, then rescue him.

The locations are all defended. Remember that you don't have to take out all the
enemies in the area, just enough to clear the VZ in the marked area.

The three listening posts are located on your map:

Begin with the first listening post by going northeast.  Have Ewan drop a
listening post truck in a clear area away from where any VZ will see it. Then
use your sniper rifle to take out the VZ in the area of the yellow circle, once
the area is clear of VZ get in the listening post truck and drive it over to
someplace inside the yellow circle and then get out and move away.

Do the same with the next listening post to the northwest using the same
procedure. Leave the southern most spot for last again using the same procedure.

Make sure you have a fast vehicle ready to go as soon as you have finished
placing the last listening post truck.

Once you have placed the third listening post truck, you'll have only 15 minutes
to track down the vehicle that the hostage is in and hijack it..

When you catch up to the truck, cut it off so it stops, then jump out of your
vehicle. and hijack it. Once you have the truck just drive it back to UP
Headquarters or Extract the Exec at a safe location


After the Listening Closely Mission for UP you have Intel that tells you where
Blanco's upcoming Meeting is taking place, but you need to do a Mission for the
PLAV to get the rest of the Intel, so you know when and can crash Blanco's
party. So go and do the final PLAV mission.

13. Final PLAV Mission: Viva la Revoluci溶  J100

Start out by breaking things up in the VZ camp to find out where the VZ officer
is, once you have busted things up you receive the location which is the
Football Stadium err Soccer Stadium.

Save PLAV Safe House

First though you are offered a bonus from Acosta if you help save a PLAV Safe
House in Merida, go there and destroy or hijack the tanks that attack and after
you destroy 3 or so the VZ withdraw and you get the bonus money when the mission
is completed.

The enemy officer is in Merida's square stadium to the west. It would be a very
good idea to hijack any Venezuelan vehicle (although a tank is best) and use
vehicular disguise to surveil your target. You can verify the officer alive, but
that's unnecessary and so you may want to simply execute him.


After the PLAV mission is complete another Pirate Contact appears if you have
completed all the jobs for Spike Reddie

14. Now for some more of The Contacts and their jobs:   K100


PLAV Contact Lt. Juarez--Jobs:
1. Daredevil [repeats]
       Catch Air in a Speed Boat and beat the previous record.
      Unlocks: PLAV Jackal Delivery
2. Rescue Prisoners
     Rescue PLAV prisoners from VZ and extract them.
      Unlocks: Tank Buster

Note: doing the daredevil job is a good way to acquire all the Speed Boats you
might want, just put the speed boat in our stockpile each time after you attempt
the daredevil job.


Pirate Contact Daevon Risto--Jobs:
1. Propaganda
       Kill Anti-Pirate Radio DJ & his Body Guard
      Unlocks: Heavy Weapons Drop

Note: Do the Light It Up Job before Taking Out Blanco in the Rigging the Game
Mission. If you don't the Chinese will be there at the Artillery Piece instead
of the VZ and it is very likely the Chinese will be your enemies afterward and
then you would most likely need to spend money on bribes.

Do this Job now and the VZ will be there, not the Chinese.

2. Light It Up
     Help Pirates secure Artillery piece, then destroy jammer.
      Unlocks: Vehicle Repair Drop

Note: If you do the National Pirate Radio job after taking out Blanco you can
get AN Soldiers to help and you won't have to buy the AN Scouts, otherwise you
will have to buy a two AN Scouts and use the UP Mercs.

3. National Pirate Radio
     Defend Pirate Radio Tower vs PLAV suicide bombers until the clock runs out.
      Unlocks: BLU-82/B 'Goss Cutter'

Note: get an AN Scout and take a full crew over to the radio station to help
defend it, if you have trouble with this then mark where the tower is and get an
AN Scout and then take a crew of soldiers there before starting the job, but
leave them a little distance in front of where the yellow circle will be later.
Next go take the job and on the way to the station get another AN Scout and get
another crew of soldiers to help defend the radio tower.
Come back to Daevon Risto after Blanco if you haven't finished all of his jobs.

4. The Black Mongoose
     Teach Thugs at favourite Pirate Tavern a lesson. Subdue VZ thugs, don't
kill any of them.
      Unlocks: Artillery Strike
5. Capture Outpost
     Help Pirates secure an Outpost
       Unlocks: New Pirate Contact


Chinese Contact Lin Hsu--Jobs:
1. Incoming Message
       Deliver Documents to Agent in Merida.
     Unlocks: Chinese Supply drop
2. VZ Visitation [repeatable 3x]
     Investigate VZ rally points
      Unlocks: Chinese Dongzhi Delivery
3. Futbol Fracas
     Verify an UP Officer at the Merida Futbol Stadium
      Unlocks: Chinese Dongzhi AT Delivery
4. Securing Our Foothold
       Eliminate two VZ Officers planning to gather Intel on the Chinese
      Unlocks: Gunship Support
       Note: be careful of the tank.

Another Story Mission this one for PMC

15. Rigging the Game for PMC  L100

Your objective is to Find and either Kill or Capture Blanco and then Destroy the
Oil Rig.

The oil rig is located directly behind your villa. Don't take a helicopter there
as the rig has some soldiers with AA weapons. Take one of the boats on the dock
behind the villa or just swim out to the rig. As you approach watch for enemy
boats. There are VZ gunboats circling the area, and they're easy to hijack.

Once on the main deck, head to the west side and you'll find some stairs that
take you to the second level or third levels. On the southwest corner of the
third level, near the helipad, you'll find a box of C4, which you'll need if you
didn't bring any.

First you need to get to the office on the southeast side of the platform, you
may want use take the opportunity while you are on the main deck to hijack the
Ribera Attack Helicopter that starts attacking you or just make it to the

If you do decide to hijack the copter you should take it back to your Home Base
for later use.

Enter the office and watch the scene. You'll then find yourself outside. Blanco
may be at the same level as you, or he may be one level lower. Kill or subdue
him before he gets to the Alonzo copter that is waiting for him and escapes.

Assuming that you get to him before he gets into the copter kill or subdue him
and then take the copter to your Home Base, so that you can use it when you need
to destroy the Oil Rig.

Getting him out of there will be hard, you'll have to clear the area and be sure
to take out the several anti-air soldiers, only then call for a helicopter.. He
may get killed in the crossfire anyway.

Once you've taken care of Blanco, use a boat or swim back to your Home Base and
then get one of your Helicopters and then use it to destroy the fuel tanks and
you'll complete the mission.


16. Now for the rest of The Contacts and their jobs:  M100

Go back to Daevon Risto after Blanco if you haven't finished all of his jobs,
since Cmdr. Hurricane is only available if you have finished all of the jobs for
Daevon Risto

Pirate Contact Cmdr. Hurricane--Jobs:
1. Fork Lift Skeet Shoot [repeats]
       Destroy Airborne Forklifts with an RPG
      Unlocks: Anti-Air Missile
2. Flyswatter
     Use a Sniper Rifle to Kill a Chinese Helicopter Pilot that is flying over
the Island
      Unlocks: Sniper Rifle Drop
3. Fuel for the Flames
     Collect Scrap Metal by Winching 3 Vehicles into the bonfire on Pirate
      Unlocks: Vehicle Ammo Drop
4. Plundered Booty
     Kill all of the VZ Thugs, they hijacked a shipment of HD TVs
     Unlocks: Fuel-Air Bomb
5. Capture Outpost
     Secure an Outpost for the Pirates
       Unlocks: New Pirate Contact

Pirate Contact Cmdr. Leviathan--Jobs:
1. What's Theirs is Ours
       Winch a container of prototype rifles from AN cargo ship before time
       Unlocks: Advanced Weapons drop

Get a chopper from the UP Outpost and then go to the contact and take the job,
now get in the UP chopper and fly to the AN Cargo ship and land to the left of
the boxes. Now get out and knock the big boxes away and then knock the small
target box off to it self. Now get back in the chopper and winch the target box
and get away before the AN Gunship arrives.

2. Grog Me
     Hijack a truck of Grog and deliver it to the Pirates before time expires
      Unlocks: Vehicle Support drop

We will visit Cmdr. Leviathan later, for now continue with the rest.

Chinese Contact LT. Zhang--Jobs:
1. Routine Oil Change
       Retrieve trucks at a Fuel Depot for the Chinese
       Unlocks: Artillery Barrage

Note: just hijack the tank and eliminate the VZ and then call in the Chinese
Drivers, don't be surprised if you need to take one of the trucks yourself.

2. Pirate Problems
      Find and eliminate Pirate Operation that resells Chinese Equipment
       Unlocks: Chinese Tien Kou Delivery

Destroy Pirate Buildings at the marked location.

3. Illegally Pirated Oil
     Eliminate Pirate Officer before he gets away---you need to hurry.
      Unlocks: Surgical Strike

Several methods work for this job, you can get there quickly before the Pirate
Officer has a chance to get away on his Pirate Tideripper Jet Ski and shoot him,
or you can get there quickly and then follow him on one of the Pirate Tideripper
Jet Skis before all of them are taken by the other Pirates there, or you can go
there on a speed boat or Civilian Otter 5 Jet Ski and then kill him or follow
him to one of the Pirate Islands and kill him there.

4. Chinese Take Out
     Eliminate VZ force in the Mtns. southeast of Cumana
      Unlocks: Chinese Rui Shi AA delivery

Note: there are several tanks and an AA vehicle to destroy along with some
troops, so be prepared to take out some armor.

5. Capture Outpost
     Secure an Outpost for the Chinese
       Be prepared for a tank and a gunboat
       Unlocks: New Chinese Contact

Chinese Contact Sgt. Chen--Jobs:
1. Not So Safe House
       Destroy 5 AN Safe Houses in Caracas
       Unlocks: Chinese Chi Lin IFV
2. Spring Cleaning
      Eliminate VZ infantry in two locations using provided Artillery Strike
       Unlocks: Artillery Bombardment
3. Allied Officers
     Eliminate Allied Officers before they get away to the AN HQ, get on the
Helicopter and get out of range.
      Unlocks: Cruise Missile Strike


Allied Contact Lt. Samgee--Jobs:
1. Get to the Choppa
       A Rogue AN Officer is going to sell Ambassador Gunship, retrieve the
      Unlocks: Allied Ambassador Gunship

Note: this job is very easy, so you can just take the Ambassador Gunship to your
Home Base and put it your stockpile and then do the job again if you want to
steal an Ambassador Gunship with out any problems.

2. River Raid
     Intercept & destroy [PLAV] Swamp boats with counterfeit c-notes before they
get out to sea.
      Unlocks: Heavy Gunship Support

Note: this job is very easy if you use a helicopter, however you may want to do
some jobs for the PLAV afterward though as you will likely negatively affect
that faction's mood toward you.

3. Armor'd N Dangerous [repeats]
     Retrieve lost AN vehicles
      Unlocks: Air Superiority

Note: the first time you do this job the vehicle need to recover is a Statesman
IFV, you might want to take the Statesman for yourself the first time instead of
returning it since you are not able to buy it and it is very hard to find other
wise and then re-do the job again

4. Capture Outpost
     Secure an Outpost for the Allies
       Be prepared for a tank.
       Unlocks: New Allied Contact

Allied Contact Sgt. MacMurdo--Jobs:
1. River Rats
      Eliminate VZ at hideout in Caracas who are disrupting trade along river
      Unlocks: Allied Consul APC Delivery

2. Spies Like Us [repeats]
     Retrieve Intel from drop point and avoid detection. If anyone sees you the
job fails, so be patient and use a sniper rifle.
      Unlocks: Advanced Gunship Support

3. Get the Truck Out! --this is a very difficult job

      Escort a cargo truck from Caracas to Maracaibo, you must stay near the
truck and ensure that the truck makes it there.
       The truck is attacked in route 5 times & once more at the destination &
if the truck takes too much damage it is destroyed.
       Have an anti-tank weapon, there is a tank at two of the locations..Use an
AN Scout with AN soldiers to help protect the truck.
      Unlocks: Cruise Missile Strike

Note: if you want to take the Ambassador Gunship that you can see when you
rendezvous with the truck, take it to your Home Base and put it your
stockpile;le and then go and do the job again.

Make sure to do several things before doing the following mission, buy air
strikes, supplies and buy what vehicles you can't steal from the factions. You
should particularly think of stealing one of the AN Tanks like the one at the AN
Outpost and the Chinese Rui Shi AA located at the Chinese HQ. and at the Chinese
Outpost, You should also steal or buy the AN Attack Helicopter and you should
steal or buy the Chinese Attack Helicopter.

Then do the next Mission for PMC

17. Everybody Pays (Get Solano First Try):  N100

This mission unlocks after the "Rigging the Game" mission, in which you get
Blanco. After you've completed it you'll unlock two the missions for China and
the Allied Nations.

In this mission, things don't quite go as planned. Fight or sneak your way to
the bunker. The easy way to do it is grab a VZ vehicle and just drive past the
enemy units. If you have access to one, a VZ attack helicopter makes getting to
the bunker quite easy. Simply have Ewan fly one over to you.

When you get to the bunker area you will find a Helicopter pad and an unoccupied
Alonzo copter sitting on it, don't destroy the copter as you will need it later,
but do eliminate all of the VZ in the area around it.

At the bunker you'll have to take out some SAMs and a tank or two.. Once the
area is clear, use your bunker buster. It won't work, and you'll be told to
return to your base by Fiona. Shortly after you have left Solano's bunker area,
Fiona will tell you that Carmona is attacking your HQ and you need to get there
before time runs out!. The only way to reach the villa in time is to use a
helicopter, so you better be in one and get to Home Base quick.

Once you get to the villa, you'll find several tanks. Try to take out a couple
before you get shot down. Then make sure that you get inside the PMC before the
clock runs out. Watch the Clock!.

Inside you'll see a scene, then you'll have to back outside and Verify Carmona
as soon as you this mission is completed.

Next Fiona will tell you that both the Chinese and the Allies are interested in
having you work for them , but that you need to choose whose money you are going
to take as you will piss off the other one.

This is the final part of the game and you may not be able to go back and do
things that you missed, so make sure to do what ever you need to do, especially
the following.

Make sure that you have completed all of the jobs for your various Contacts at
least once.

Make sure to Verify all HVT, the information given should be sufficient to find
all of them.Try to take them alive as you get twice the money if you do.

Make sure to find any of the remaining collectables that you can before
continuing the game.

Also before you do any of the new missions for the Allies or the Chinese make
sure to buy what ever you may need from the faction soon to be your enemy.

Your Objective is to do Missions for Allies or Chinese in order to get nuke, so
now you need to choose whose money you wish to take since you are only going to
be working for only one of them.

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

If you decided to work for the Allies you need to do the following three
missions for the Allies.
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

Allies Story Missions:

18. Mission 1 for Allies--Four Little VIPs:  O100

Main objective Extract 4 VIPs and destroy Flight Recorder; bonus objective
destroy Chinese Vehicles marked in blue on radar.

A CIA plane went down over Margarita and you need to make your way to the island
and first make sure that the VIP that is near the wreck doesn't get killed and
then extract him and destroy the black box. Once these two things are done you
need to head to the make shift prison camp on the island where the other 3 VIPs
are being held and extract the VIPs.

To get the bonus objective make sure to destroy the Chinese AA Vehicles that are
marked on your radar in blue.


19. Mission 2 for Allies--Refining Our Grasp:  P100

Objective Disarm 3 C4 charges and then Protect Refinery from Chinese Helicopters
until Allies arrive.

Best strategy is make sure that you have the Anti-Air Stinger equipped to take a
AN Defender SAM or a UP Archer SAM mobile anti-air vehicle with you and make
sure to have one of the AN guys at the AN HQ get in the vehicle before you leave
for the Oil Refinery.

When you get to the Oil Refinery, use the L1 button so that you exit the vehicle
while leaving the gunner inside.

Now go to each marked location and disarm the C4 charges which are at the top of
the refinery towers, while at the same time eliminating Chinese opposition.

As soon as you have disarmed the second charge Fiona tells you that the Chinese
have sent Helicopters, so you need to hurry and get to the last marked location
and disarm the explosive there and now you need to stay at the top and use your
Stinger to destroy any Chinese helicopters that you can target before they have
a chance to destroy the refinery.

Hopefully the guy in the AN Defender SAM or the UP Archer SAM, will help make
the difference and take out the Chinese Helicopters, so you don't have to worry
about the refinery taking too much damage.

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

After you do at least one Mission for the Allies one last job becomes available

Pirate Contact Cmdr. Leviathan
3. Superpower Segregation
     Prevent a meeting between Allied & Chinese Officials by planting C4 in one
faction's motorcade.
      Trigger the C4 at the right moment so as to kill two birds with one stone.
      Unlocks: Carpet Bomb

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

20. Mission 3 for Allies--Battle for Caracas :  Q100

Objective 1:: Meet up with one of two AN Battle Groups
Objective 2:  Destroy three key buildings: motor pool,  helicopter installation,
Objective 3:  Destroy the Chinese HQ in the area.

You have a choice of two Battle Groups that you can meet up with, and once you
have met with a Battle Group your next objective is to destroy three key
locations in Caracas, one is the motor pool, one is the helicopter installation,
and one is the barracks. Once you have destroyed the three key locations you
then need to destroy the HQ building in Caracas.

You may want to use the Chinese Rui Shi AA vehicle or the Chinese Attack
Helicopter for some parts of this difficult mission in order that you may use
vehicle disguise to better able to take out the required targets.

Also you should take out the Helicopter location first as the entire battle is
lousy with Garuda Attack Helicopters attacking you every time you turn around.

Next you should destroy the motor pool and then lastly destroy the barracks, and
once these have been destroyed it is time to take out the HQ building with the
provided Air Strike. Once you have taken out the HQ building it is mission


Once you completed the Battle for Caracas for the Allies there is a cut scene
and you are given a Nuke that you can now use to get Solano. Now go on to the
last mission of the game which is "Lets Get This Show one the Road",

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

If you decided to work for the Chinese, you need to do the following three
missions for the Chinese.
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

21. Mission 1 for Chinese--Rescue Chinese Spy :  R100

Objective: Rescue Party Official aka Chinese Spy before time expires.

Get in a fast civilian car and go to Chinese HQ to take the Mission. Once you
have accepted the mission get in the civilian car and get to the marked area
where it is AN quick as possible

Make your way to the building where the prisoner is located and commander or
hijack one of the nearby AN IFVs or commander or hijack one of the nearby AN
APCs and leave it near by.

Now to climb up the ramps to the Heli Pad on the roof and take out the two AN
soldiers and release the prisoner before time expires.

Next use the elevator to get to ground level along with the Chinese Spy and get
in the AN vehicle and use the horn to get him inside. and get your disguise up
as there are a lot of Statesman IFVs in the area between you and the Chinese

Now get the Chinese Spy back safely to Chinese HQ and mission accomplished.

22. Mission 2 for Chinese--Universal Devastation :  S100

Objective: Destroy UP HQ building.

To start with you are provided Gunship Support and a laser guided missile.

Once you are in West Maracaibo you are informed by Fiona that the structure is
hardened and that you will need a bunker buster, and you are also informed by
Fiona that Peng has provided one for you.

You are also informed by Fiona that there is heavy interference and that means
that there is a jammer that needs to be taken out before the bunker buster can
be called in.

Outside the front entrance of the UP HQ, there are two AN IFVs, so beware of
them. On the water side there is one AN IFV and in back there are a couple or so
AN IFVs as well. Also there will a UP Tank and a UP helicopter to contend if you
have managed to make enemies of Universal Petroleum as well.

The Jammer is located in front of the UP building, take that out and you can
call in the bunker buster when ever you are ready.

Once you call in the Bunker Buster your next objective is to leave West
Maracaibo and when you have the mission is completed.

When this mission is completed Universal Petroleum no longer exists as one of
the Factions in the Faction screen.

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

After you do at least one Mission for the Chinese one last job becomes available

Pirate Contact Cmdr. Leviathan
3. Superpower Segregation
     Prevent a meeting between Allied & Chinese Officials by planting C4 in one
faction's motorcade.
      Trigger the C4 at the right moment so as to kill two birds with one stone.
      Get to one of the delegates cars before time expires and not be spotted in
the process and plant the C4 on the car.
       Next follow the delegate, but not too close and detonate the C4 when you
both cars will be destroyed in the process.
        Note the meeting takes place in Caracas.
      Unlocks: Carpet Bomb

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

23. Mission 3 for Chinese--War in the Sun: Battle for Caracas  :  T100

Help the Chinese take over Caracas
Objective 1:: Meet up with one of the Chinese Battle Groups
Objective 2:  Destroy or take over three key Outposts: motor pool,  helicopter
installation, barracks.: 
Objective 3:: Use bunker Buster provided by Chinese to Destroy the Allied HQ in

You have a choice of two Battle Groups that you can meet up with, and once you
have met with a Battle Group your next objective is to destroy or take over
three key Outposts in Caracas, one is the motor pool, one is the helicopter
installation, and one is the barracks.

Once you have destroyed or take over three key Outposts the three key locations
you then need to destroy the Allied HQ.

You may want to use an Allied vehicle in some or all of this mission in order to
be able to use vehicle disguise.

The Northern most one is the Barracks, the Southern most one is the Motor Pool
and the Middle one is the Helicopter Outpost, and each is heavily defended with
tanks and AA.

You should take over or destroy the Helicopter Outpost first  so that you don't
spend the entire battle with AN Attack Helicopters attacking you every time you
turn around.

Next you should destroy the motor pool which is the southern most location and
then lastly destroy the barracks, and once these have been destroyed it is time
to take out the HQ building with the provided Bunker Buster. Once you have taken
out the HQ building it is mission accomplished.

Once you completed the Battle for Caracas for the Chinese there is a cut scene
and you are given a Nuke that you can now use to get Solano.

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

Once you've done all the story missions for the Allies or the Chinese, you are
given nuclear bunker buster so that you may get Solano, before doing this make
sure that you Verified all of the High Value Targets and found all of the
collectables that you can and then you need to be sure that you have acquired
all of the vehicles that you may want and bought all of the supplies and other
support items

24. Lets Get This Show one the Road {Get Solano Finally } :  U100

    * Faction: PMC
    * Reward: $25.0 M and the Nuclear Bunker Buster is added to the PMC shop

This mission is unlocked by completing either the Allied or Chinese contract
lines (ending with "Battle for Caracas"). It is the last mission in the story.

With your ground penetrating nuke in hand, its time to go after Solano again.

The first objective is to get back to Solano's reinforced bunker and drop the
nuke on it. Its easier done than said. Solano's army is heavily entrenched all
along the road and numerous AA/SAM sites prevent an easy flight. There are
several ways to deal with these enemies:

Recommended Tactic: use a civilian boat to get to the area just slightly north
and hijack the rocket artillery truck and then hijack the tank that is near the
rocket artillery truck, and then use them to start taking out the VZ.

When your newly acquired tank gets damaged and or runs out of ammo drop back and
call in repair drops and ammo drops.

Call in air strikes like tank buster and fuel air bomb on the VZ along the way
and work your way close enough to use the Nuclear Bunker Buster, but be prepared
to get out of the area very quickly or you will get killed by the blast.I would
suggest having a helicopter in order to get out the area the fastest.

Now call in the Nuclear Bunker Buster, keep in mind that you must get out of the
area very quickly or you will get killed by the blast..

Once the bunker is thoroughly busted and you are out of the area before it
stuck, just sit back and enjoy the credits.

<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>
<<<+=+=+=>>> <<<+=+=+=>>>

25. Notes and that sort of thing: W100

HVT stands for Hight Value Targets and there are ten of them located in various
parts of the Map, reading the information given in their description is
sufficient to enable one to find them I think.

Keep in mind that they are worth twice as much alive instead of dead.


26. Weapons List:W101
Small Arms

Small arms are portable weapons. These range from shotguns to rocket launchers,
but they are generally small enough to be carried by a single individual
soldier. While there are a wide variety of small arms in the game (each with
their own quirks), you only routinely require two, perhaps three different small
arms throughout your tour in Venezuela:

LMG--Light Machinegun has a large drum style magazine with 100 rounds and plus 2
reloads for another 200 of 5.56 mm NATO rounds

Assault Rifle--AK47 etc., with 30 rounds plus 4 reloads of  7.62 mm rounds--the
standard Chinese, VZ, PLAV Assault Rifle

Carbine--the standard AN Combat Rifle with 30 rounds plus 6 reloads of 5.56 mm
NATO rounds --the M16 basically

Submachine gun--the H&K MP5 9 mm holds 45 rounds with 4 reloads, very effective
when used for close combat, but not as effective at longer ranges.

Covert SMG--H&K MP5 with 9 mm suppressed subsonic rounds in a 30 round magazine
with 6 reloads-- very effective when used for close combat, it also makes less
noise & attracts less attention.

Sniper or Covert Rifle
A precision bolt action rifle designed for accuracy and range with a scope, uses
7.62 mm rounds in a 5 round magazine with 4 reloads. Sniper rifles are used when
you want to precisely kill from far away without attracting attention to

Anti-Armor Rifle--can appreciably damage lightly armored vehicles. uses 12.7 mm
rounds, otherwise quite similar to the Sniper Rifle.

RPG  is the simplest, but very effective against slow moving tanks, light
vehicles, and idiot soldiers.

Anti-Tank: the AT missile launcher: tanks or other ground vehicles, but you can
fire the missile without a lock-on

Anti-Air "Stinger" missile launcher:  attacking helicopters (same dumbfire

ISV Shotgun
very short-ranged in open combat. Unless you are assaulting a small outpost,
base, or unmarked depot, you may grow to dislike the limited range of the

Hand Grenade
These are thrown explosives.with a small blast radius will kill troops and cause
light vehicles to explode.

Flash Grenade
These are thrown with a small blast radius, those caught in the blast are
stunned for a short time.

Placed Charge (C4)has more power than a grenade and will kill your mercenary if
detonated too close. C4 detonates only if triggered by your mercenary; to place
more C4 charges, press the D-PAD to cycle from the detonator back to the C4 and
place another charge.


27. Vehicles List::W102
All vehicles break down into the following types:

These are civilian vehicles like sedans and race cars. While unarmored, they are
capable of absorbing small arms fire to a limited degree. This puts your merc at
less risk of impending death. Use civilian vehicles when you need to go through
several territories held by different factions. Civilian vehicles are
universally treated neutrally by all parties in the game, whether or not the
factions are hostile to your merc at the moment or not.

These are what I have found or unlocked in the case of the Civilian Street Racer
Civilian Gypsy hatchback
Civilian Taxi
Civilian Affinity
Civilian Valorous--2 door family sedan
Civilian RTR--Muscle Car
Civilian Street Racer--once this is unlocked it may be found by hijacking it.

Trucks etc
Civilian Vaca T1 SUV--yellow used by the Pirate Mole
Civilian Box Truck--big white and boxy.
Civilian Tanker Truck.
Civilian SM Cargo--open back with rails
Civilian Fire Truck
Civilian Bus

Light Military

Light military vehicles are utility, recon and AA vehicles. Some are heavily
armed (grenade launchers and TOW launchers) but some only mount a machinegun
while some are not even armed at all.

AN Verity Scout has 12.7 mm Machine gun and room for 5.
AN Verity AT Scout has a TOW and room for 5.
AN Defender SAM highly mobile anti-air vehicle based on the Verity.

Chinese Dongzhi--half ton 4 wheel drive holds 3, has a 7.62 mm machine gun
Chinese Dongzhi AT--half ton 4 wheel drive holds 3, has a TOW instead of a
machine gun
Chinese Mangzhong--military cargo truck

Pirate Rashy Scout--a 4 wheel drive pickup, holds 3, has a 12.7 mm machine gun

UP Archer SAM highly mobile anti-air vehicle--commercial version of the
UP Technical MG  a 4 wheel drive pickup, holds 3, has a 12.7 mm machine gun
UP Technical GL a 4 wheel drive pickup, holds 3, has a Grenade Launcher

VZ Brigante--half ton 4 wheel drive holds 3, has a 7.62 mm machine gun

Heavy Military

Heavy military vehicles are heavy fighting vehicles, including tanks, IFVs,
APCs, and other tracked vehicles. Many are heavily armed, and within this class,
some are more potent than others. Save fuel for calling in heavy vehicles, as
their firepower and protection can only be matched or exceeded by hunter-killer

AN Diplomat Heavy Tank
AN Consul APC, 8 wheels with room for 5 and armed with a  12.7 mm Machine gun
AN Statesman IFV, tracked with room for 5, armed with a 25 mm autocannon & a 
TOW missile launcher with 10 missiles

Chinese Rui Shi AA, a single man,  heavy tracked vehicle
Chinese Chi Lin IFV, a heavy tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle  with a TOW
missile launcher and 10 missiles
Chinese Tie Tao Heavy Tank.

UP Paladin Tank

VZ Serrano Light Tank
VZ Calderone Tank
VZ Calderone II Tank
VZ Zagon 57 AA
VZ Calderone SAM
VZ Cortez Rocket Artillery, has a crew of two, a driver and a gunner.


Helicopters are the fastest method of travel and are used for Recon, Transport
and Attack, also they happen to be  expensive to stock and to deliver. Luckily
the grappling hook Eva gives you on her hiring will help you hijack choppers
with greater ease than before. The only catch is that choppers are considerably
rare (compared to the first game) unless you know where to look for them.

AN Minister Transport
AN Ambassador Attack Helicopter, armed with a 30 mm chain gun, 4 Anti-Air
Missiles,  8 Anti-Tank Missiles, and 40 rockets in its 70 mm rocket pods.

Tien Kou Light Attack Helicopter, fast and armed with 30 mm chain gun, 4
Anti-Air Missiles and 12 Anti-Tank Missiles
Garuda Attack Copter armed with 40 rockets in its 70 mm rocket pods.

PLAV Copters:
Castro: unarmed with twin rotor blades
Zamora Attack Helicopter armed with  30 mm chain gun, 40 in its 70 mm rocket
pods and 12 Anti-Tank Missiles
You can find one of these on the ground in south west PLAV territory.

Pirate Gunney Scout--Light Attack Helicopter, carries 14 rockets in its 70 mm
rocket pods.
You can find one at several of the Pirate Islands.

UP Copters:
Warhorse Transport, used for UP extractions
Rogue armed with twin 12.7 mm machine guns and 70 mm rocket pods
You can find one at the UP outpost once the outpost has been there a while and
you have completed a couple of the missions.

VZ Copters:
Alonzo, small lightly armed with a 20 mm minigun and 2 Anti-tank missiles.
Ribera single seat Attack Helicopter, fast nimble & deadly, 30 mm chain gun, 40
rockets in its 70 mm rocket pods and 12 Anti-Tank Missiles

The only watercraft your mercenary can request are small and medium sized boats
up to the speedboat size. Larger vessels like trawlers, missile boats, and
gunships are too large for choppers to transport (unless multiple choppers are
used), and they won't fit in your stockpile.

Civilian Speed Boat
Civilian Otter 5 Jet Ski
Civilian Fanboat
Civilian Motor Boat--slow outboard motor

Civilian River Boat--extremely slow
Civilian Trawler

Pirate Tideripper Jet Ski
Pirate Culican Cutter--mounts two 12.7 mm machine guns in the front and carries
a crew of 3

VZ Escobedo Patrol Boat, has two machine guns in back and one cannon in front,
carries a crew of 4

AN Freedom Patrol Boat, has two fixed grenade launchers, carries a crew of 3.

Chinese Huang Gai Boat, has two twin recoilless rifles in turrets, one in front
and one in back, carries a crew of 3.