Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Unlockables

Unlock Tactical Outfit
Requirement: Complete Fiona's grenade launcher challenges 1-2, so part 3 is available.
To unlock the Tactical Outfit (military jungle guise), complete Fiona's Grenade Launcher 3 challenge. Best way to do this:

Part A- Aim for the base of each statue, lining up the gun sight with the head of the target, OR easier, aim for the ground near the bases.

Part B- Hit the car on the right twice, and the car on the left once. The explosive radius should take care of the car in the center. Also note there is a fuel barrel here. If you act fast, you can chain them all together.

Part C- When nearing the sandbags, you should already be lining up the top right target, so when you arrive you just need to fire. Take out the other two targets, and start sprinting for zone 3. If you can, fire off remaining rounds at the roof area while moving. You can bring the building down if you hit the right spot, and this will take out some statues in the next zone.

Part D- Statue heads: take out the front targets first by aiming at the base between two statues. Hit the front row first, then aim farther out and mop up the rest.

Part E- Hardest part, when you arrive immediately turn to your right and start hitting targets from right to left. Remember, aim at the base of the targets just behind them so you hit the areas behind, damaging the hidden targets.

Reloading note: Do not reload before you start sprinting! This will slow down your total time - reload after you have already started sprinting and you won't be slown down during the reload animation.
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