Mercedes-Benz World Racing

  • Released on Mar 20, 2003
  • By TDK for Xbox

Mercedes-Benz World Racing Cheats

Mercedes-Benz World Racing cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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All Championships
Enter JamSession as a user name in single player mode.
All Missions
Enter Miss World as a user name in single player mode.
All Tracks
Enter Free Ride as a user name in single player mode.
Multiplayer Cars
Enter Full House as a user name during multiplayer mode to unlock almost all of the cars and tracks.
Single Player Cars
In single player mode, enter AllUCanGet as a user name.
Status Changes
enter teh following codes as user names in single player mode to change your status:

Status 1: Top 10
Status 2: HUIBUH
Status 3: N.I.C.E. 2
Status 4: TaxiDriver
Status 5: Halbzeit
Status 6: No Hat!
Status 7: McRace
Status 8: Jiu-Jitsu
Status 9: Goodzpeed
Zoom in dashboard
Switch to the driver camera. Pause the game and allow the game to idle until you see your car in the background. Resume the game and the view of your dashboard will be larger.