Not much to say, i have a pretty great sense of humor, hoping to be a comedian when im older actualy. get to know me :p. i can be extremely "taboo" sometimes, but since i dont beleive in boundaries, nothing, to me, is taboo. ;) Smell the flowers, cuz one day they'll all burn.


Music, is one of the biggest things in my life, i listen to all the genres of metal, except for hair metal, why? it sucks. thats why. Screamo, some techno, crunkcore. Shiz like that. For games, nothing beats Dead Rising. Zombies are bad to the ass. Movies? House of 1k corpses, Halloween, otis, Hostel 1, The saw movies, Thedevil may cry anime, and, last, and looking slightly out of place, is DIGIMON FRONTIER! I love that show...


Whats 20 inches long and makes a woman scream all night? a crib death! thats what!
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  • Lets just say it involves denture cream.


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