So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.

Hey dude, thanks for being one hell of a NeoFriend over the past three.. four.. five.. whatever! The last few months, I'm here to return the favour with a super-cool stamp!

Prepare to be HolliganiZed Brotha!

Well whatever fills up the 125 charcter post minimum etc lol

yeah you got my stamp be happy and cya round the forums kiddo

Thanks, for helping me out with THW, your just awesome at doing stuff like that ! Here, have a stamp !

hey dude, i aint got a stamp, but ill sign anyway, thats for letting me use the titatron thing for CWA, your a legend........ ..... ....... i think

thanks dude!
You dunnit, that's who!

Cheers for being a good host for all the games and stuff. Don't let the others get to you with their moaning - especially Marcus

Catch you round buddy

LOL! Oh I will enjoy the return. Why do you think I signed your guestbook again. To get you to sign back so I can stare at the lovely sight for hours before realizing that my balls are drained. LOL! Nah, I am just awesome like that to sign a guestbook.

Meh, why not ad the stamp again? I am a good guy.
Hey, I am kind of on a stamping spree and I saw I have not signed your G-Book in a while so what about now. Hopefully you will sign my guestbook back but whatever.

PS: Nice guestbook welcome.

Hahaha - you tit. You already signed my guestbook with that picture! Although it is hot, so thanks for reminding me

Hope you enjoy the avatar. Good choice by the way. Almost chose that one myself!

I'll do you the favour of leaving you with my picture stamp. (I'm pretty sure you've had it already )

Thanks for the signing. You've been greatly improving as a roleplayer, keep up the good work. I'll dig up a stamp since I don't even know which one is my newest.

Well it certainly isn't that one, I think that was my first one ever. XD

See ya around.
Hey, I know your on a stamping spree, but I'll sign ya myself too!

~ ~

this is my first guestbook signing, but whatever.
thanks for signing my guestbook... I signed you back.

you're a good judge in the oblivion caption contest too. thanks!

LOOK OUT! You are a cool dude on the Oblivion forum, and I dig your gun on your profile page. Keep up the good work!

You have been STAMPED BY BARFIE, congratz..
YOU won the crackdown caption comp...yiu should feel pretty damn special
because you are a good jusdge for captions here is a signing and stamping of your geustbook. from yours truly.

Thanks for giving me the info on the Power 10,
and since you wanted a GB signing i have enough free time ill just stamp you.

Cya round the forums,
You are not a bad RPer so here is a stamp.

Yeah, I know it rocks!
This'll be my first ever stamp. All I've got to say is:

You've been flashed...

And good taste of a banner!
Cool! I guess I'm the first to sign your guestbook. Well kudos to you getting signings!

You have been stamped

By thecandyman328