1.air gear (ep 6)
2. soul eater (ep 30)
3. chaos heads (ep2)
4.bleach(good anime but i find myself not watching it 2 much)
5.naruto(same with naruto)
its not ordered. just listed them >.> cant make up my mind on which is the best
*love com(yes yes my friends i read shojo)
*flame recca
*yu yu hakusho
*samrai deeper(fail at spelling)
*prince of tennis
*black cat ( i own all 20 vols!)
* etc


fav games:
*megaman battle network series
*megaman starforce series
*fire emblem series
*tactics ogre lets cling together(just got it and am loving it so far)
*final fantasy 1-5 and 10 and disidia oh and tactics(didnt play the others)
* etc i mostly play rpgs

*gaming-am playing mhfu and tactics orge
*reading-cirque du freak book 6
*i play yugioh sometimes online at duelingnetwork
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