I started gaming when I was four.I've been playing ever since. I found neoseeker a day after getting banned from gamefaqs because of my best friend beto AKA chaoslink101.

shadow soul-one of my first friends
jon24hours-good guy
dark angel exe-made me a banner
shadow kirby-we chat through pm
megaman5 player-don't know why he is here
j_fire11-he helped me around Neo on my first days
Chaos_Saber_knight-kool guy
LEWBULL-made me an avatar
zebra cakes-met some where else
Zero x201-whe have the same name
chaoslink101-this is beto my best friend
luigijean-mistaked me for someone else and we just became friends
if you want to be my friend,PM me


outside of gaming: skateboarding, Wrestling, Football, Alexis <3

in gaming:
I play alot of Halo 3 now.
My PS2 broke, so there goes devil may cry 3 and kingdom hearts.
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