the legends heto zero strikes back
Apr 02, 07 11:31am
i just wanna stamp ya for no reason. and is your avatar an Lx? pm me the awnser


luffyluffy zero strikes back
Jul 23, 06 1:16am
This is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
Shadow Rue zero strikes back
Aug 17, 05 9:57pm
Thought I'd swing by and sign.


Vile Megaman zero strikes back
Jun 12, 05 4:24am
Hey zsb, it's your pal Vile Megaman. Congratulations on 2000 posts. Also I don't think I ever posted in your guestbook before, so this takes care of that, eh?
Machiko Shima zero strikes back
Jun 04, 05 10:26am
"Muahahahaha!" "It is I, Machiko Shima Anime form!"

*Sigh* Well, not much to say....but, ah just enjoy my friggin message. I talked with you some in the MMX8 forum so see 'ya around.

jirachi 7928 zero strikes back
Feb 21, 05 7:36am
Thanks for still Pertisapating in the RPG
Also Happy Late Valentine's day

You have flown in a rofl copter

traveled in a rooflez train

Worked with a steam-loller

Won a lols-royce

Played with your loller-skates

And won a trip to ride on a loller-coaster

Sigged >> LOLERS 0_<
Dark Link zero strikes back
Jun 28, 04 10:57pm
I just dropped by to sign ur GB, since I saw u in MM forum!

Have fun:)

Please sign back;)
I'll see u in the forums
nayru20 zero strikes back
Jun 25, 04 1:34am

gaiablade64 zero strikes back
May 18, 04 3:57am

Sign back I'm out

This soon to be worth millions.
Epsalon X zero strikes back
May 15, 04 4:57am
You're Rare Elf thread has gotten quite a bit of attention. Much more than I thought it would. Maybe there really is a 'Rare' elf hidden in the game after all. Anyway, if possible could you sign my guestbook as well? See you later, ZSB!

Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook. And I'll give you my laugh!

Windsorer zero strikes back
Dec 24, 03 9:21am
Thank you signing my guestbook, sorry it took so long for me to sign yours. You come with some interesting ideas in the M.N.P.T. Keep it up! Your a good friend, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. See ya around the forums! Bye!

This guestbook has been stamped by
The Crow zero strikes back
Dec 07, 03 12:00pm
Why am i still up its 4:00AM..agh...ahh well, obviously ive seen you in the RP forum your by far one of the best RPers on Neo keep up the good work dude:)

FFX Fanatic zero strikes back
Nov 23, 03 1:46am
Hope you can speak Al Bhed.

Re E's fnedehk y muhk mahkrdo drehk po dra fyo tuh'd vunkad du lralg uid so drnayt eh dra vvq-2 ynay yh ym prat cduno drnayt ryc dnyhcmydeuhc

Pronounced: "RAeay EAY'see feneay-deeay-ha-kuk ae moo-ha-kuk mah-ha-kuk-ra-deoh de-raeay-ha-kuk peoh de-raah feaeoh teoo-ha'de fuoon-kukah-de deoo lu-raah-lu-ge ooee-de seeoh de-ranahae-te eay-ha de-raah fu-fuq-2 aenahae ae-ha aem pe-raah-te ku-deoonoh de-ranahae-te raae-ku denae-ha-kumae-deeayoo-ha-ku"

look I told you how to pronouce it.

you've been stamped by
DaintvsBig zero strikes back
Nov 17, 03 7:04am
Hey!I'm signing your guestbook!Thanks for showing me this site!Whoops,I accidentaly ripped a hole in your guestbook,I'll just rip out the page so the hole isn't there. Done signing Chris.
From,your best friend,
hey zero strikes back, youre cool, and thanx for making the elements of destruction rp, thats cool, but dont forget who made it!

i got a cheapy stamp, so sue me! (only kiddin, dont sue me)

hey zero strikes back, youre cool, and thanx for making the elements of destruction rp, thats cool, but dont forget who made it!

i got a cheapy stamp, so sue me! (only kiddin, dont sue me)

Seens we both are cool with each other, I'm going to sign your guestbook. Please return the favor, man.

Smell ya later (I'm getting that copyrighted)
daveRT zero strikes back
Sep 28, 03 5:12am
Hey ZSB, how's everything going? Just thought I would sign your guestbook. You have some pretty wild ideas in the popcorn thread man. Anyways, see you around.
youko kurama zero strikes back
Sep 14, 03 6:22am

i have no idea what you like the last one is yu yu hakusho
ok you don't have to sign mine but id like it if you would ill start a kingdom hearts r.p. and ill tell you first ok?
what else can i say umm
school sucks!!!