mex51 zeldagirl
May 25, 06 7:43am
Thank you for your judging during the Majora's Mask Header Contest. It was good to have your opinions on all the entries. I hope to see you around more forums.
Shane zeldagirl
May 24, 06 5:44am

Yeah, you probably will see me around more.
And you like my name?! I don't even like my name, I didn't think shanebyrne88 would be used as my account name, I thought it would just be a sign in name... , What an idiot I am.

See you around
FishLikeToSwim zeldagirl
May 19, 06 2:05am
Hi! I don't have a stamp but I'll make a stamp noise anyway *STAMP!* hehe that was fun. I'll do it again. *STAMP!* and again *STAMP!* I need more characters to be allowed to post this so I'm just taking up space by telling you this so I can sign *STAMP!*
triforceofwisdom zeldagirl
May 17, 06 5:10am
But then again, that's not saying much.

Good to see you around. Maybe I'll see you some more in the future.

Well, I would give you a stamp, but the website that hosts it seems to be under construction, so you must go stampless for a little while more. Sorry.

Answer zeldagirl
May 15, 06 12:39pm
Hey! I see you 'round the Zelda forums all the time and you seem like a nice guy.

On a side note, the answer to my puzzle has been given because nobody got it right. Read my guestbook to get the answer. Also, a new puzzle has been placed.

See ya 'round!
mex51 zeldagirl
May 15, 06 6:21am
Hey! I know you! We used to go to school together. Well, actually we didn't but I like to think I know everybody. Anywho, I've seen you around the MM forum, so I'm giving you a welcome stamp.
kyubichan zeldagirl
May 15, 06 2:36am
Welcome to the forums ^^ I'm new here as well. *STAMP*