Also, Crue Fest '08 is in my area in late August, and I managed to procure a ticket to see that. Motley Crue, Sixx:A.M., Trapt, Buckcherry, and Papa Roach all touring together. That is one hell of a lineup.

I just saw Van Halen in concert on May 24. They were fantastic. They played Ice Cream Man, my favorite VH song, and Wolfgang's performance was stellar. Dave worked up the crowd, Alex's 5-minute drum solo was just like his old stuff, and Eddie still has all of his guitar chops (flawless solos). Also, I got a tour shirt. It reminds me of Boston's first album cover (very spacey).

I saw Velvet Revolver on August 25. What an awesome band, and a great bunch of performers. I got a 15-second video of Slash playing 10 feet away from us as my cell phone background. I am happy.

Wii must-get list:
LoZ: TP (check)
MP3: Corruption (check)
Guitar Hero 3 (check)
SSBBrawl (big, HUGE check)
FE: RD (check)
Mario Kart Wii (check)
GH:Aerosmith (check)
GH:WT (full band) (check)

Wii wouldn't-mind-having list:
Mario Party 8 (rented, it'll do)
Super Mario Galaxy (suitemate owns it, great game)
Super Paper Mario

Other stuff I'd like to have:
internet connection for my Wii (again, temporarily)
electric guitar (check, epiphone special II)
acoustic drumset
360 (with Halo 3 and Lost Odyssey)
a copy of every Aerosmith CD ever made (check)
a banner all my own (check)
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Review: Mega Man X: Command Mission - X rules the RPG's

Nov 29, 2004

Very good graphics, very good sound. Many, MANY unlockables (using the deployment center) are cool to get. They include sketches of enemies/allies, collectable figurines, posters, music loops (from parts of the game), and video cinematics (that...

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