Shadow Troup yusuke123
Apr 7, 11 12:08pm
Is it to have your guest book signed by some one you helped by giving them tips.
Thanks for your help, you really helped my character get to his high point with your tips.
fairygrl yusuke123
Apr 7, 09 11:59pm
i love youuuu like more than anything in thee whole wide world!!!!!!!!
nd i miss you

i miss u more than ever.
so im glad i can see you soon

dig for mangos!!!
u musta been so adorableeee

ilyyyy :]
fairygrl yusuke123
Dec 20, 07 6:59pm
that was really weird this place is dead i never come on here anymore haha. i have no idea why i even logged in... i think i have a sixthh sense about this stuff. :]

yea you have to put 150 characters ... im not sure why.. its a pretty dumb rule if you ask me. but owellz its no problem for me since i talk way too much xD

ttyl <3
ssbm freak yusuke123
Sep 11, 07 3:55am
You should feel honored to have one of the neogods sign your GB.
You are not yet worthy enough for a stamp.
Well anyway keep up the good work. I'll be stalking..err.. watching you!
MADskiller yusuke123
Sep 8, 07 2:36am
hi just signing ur GB cuz im bored, c ya in the MS forums! uhh just asking btw do u play .hack? somone said something bout seeing u in the .hack forums, o well, sign mines back! [IMG][/IMG] darnt 125 minimum >.< lalalllllalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab sign mines back!
Balambgirl yusuke123
Jun 5, 07 3:20pm
Hey, saw you around the Dir en grey thread, so i'm guessing your a fan too anyway just thought i'd come say hi and also woot for Diru XDXD
have a stamp

Star Fox yusuke123
May 25, 07 1:34pm
Thanx for signing my Buestbook. I appreciate that. I love Diru too. In a non-gay way. Rck on!

\m/d-.-b\m/[Dir en grey]

sweet blossom yusuke123
May 6, 07 3:12am

Hello. Thanks for the signing. Oh as for the late signings; you see, I have left for about 1 year. xD

Oh? A friend? Who is it?
fairygrl yusuke123
Apr 26, 07 1:01pm
this computer i'm using isnt letting any PMs go through and shit so i just gotta wait to talk probably until i get home. anyway yeah well idk if you'll even get this because of this f_cked thing but ehhh.

And of course i'm starving haha so i really should go get something to eat but i'm too lazy right now and its barely 7 AM so nahhh

Just try to message me when you get this IF you get this


Gamer128 yusuke123
Mar 27, 07 11:06pm
Hey! Im just signing people's guessbooks cause Im bored Hope you sign back, you dont have to though
ruki123 yusuke123
Mar 26, 07 7:55pm
i'm just signing because you asked and i see that youve been
a member since may1, 2004.

don't be afraid of the darkness!

i'm ruki123 the best gamer there ever was ever is and ever will be!
Kevin yusuke123
Mar 22, 07 6:37pm

I'm signing your GB.

Here is my house:


125 Character Length FtL
swordwielder yusuke123
Mar 21, 07 8:29pm
u signed my Guestbook a long time ago... but forgot to sign urs so here it is... and the image u send to me doesn't work...

This is...
Chrome yusuke123
Mar 4, 07 5:02pm
Just signing because I feel like it. Just dropping by to say hi. See you in the forums! (Or more importantly, Maple Story)

Your friend,
Pokemon Ball yusuke123
Dec 17, 06 12:56pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guest book and saying happy Neo-bday.

Merry christmas to you too.

Ragnarok352 yusuke123
Nov 8, 06 5:03am
Yea dotHack is awesome , im playing through the first 4 now xD
After i beat them im getting the new one that jsut came out

Check out the forum , be cool to see u there.

Angelic Serenity yusuke123
Nov 6, 06 8:02pm
Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
Amy yusuke123
Aug 30, 06 3:09pm
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
AA TTrue GGamer yusuke123
Aug 27, 06 9:31pm
The stamp's nice, and you signed mine, so I'm signing yours. I don't have a stamp, so, um, DMAN YOU, CHARACTER LIMIT!!! And hey, if you wanna join the RP, do so at any time. Just PM me and tell me what character you want. Then post. Whenever. Cya!
Kevin yusuke123
Aug 17, 06 1:32am
You signed my GB awhile back but I don't really check it but I just saw it so I'm signing back. Cheers!!!

Lol, Who says Cheers?

ilovesora1212 yusuke123
Aug 16, 06 5:31pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Now I'm returning the favor!

FFKH_MASTER yusuke123
Aug 13, 06 1:57am
hi there!i say you signed mine fo im returnin the favor!

hope you like....seeya later!
Fluidity yusuke123
Aug 7, 06 4:16am
I saw you in my friend's guestbook and decided to stop by. Please sign back. ^^

Kini yusuke123
Aug 7, 06 2:51am
I just checked my guestbook and saw you

Supa Saiyan Gogetta yusuke123
Aug 5, 06 5:02am
Sup.Just what you request,to sign your GB back.So here you go,hopefully you stay in the MS forum awhile.As A Dude,Chaosinvader,azn knight blaze,and I left,we were pretty much the last four person before the game became popular,hopefully you'll stay and help out,although I'll still come back to check up on it sometimes.

P.S. Trying to get a GB stamp as soon as possible,sorry for not being able to stamp yours.