sexishanni94 yullyuk
Jun 26, 07 8:31pm
Heyy... It's Shannon...
Rheannee's best Mate who you think
probably wore far too much make-up
for Rheannee's 13th
Well... Yeah i did actually
So... Well Hit Me back...
Not Literally Though
Rheannee Said yewhh wanted to WiFi
wit me... well... anytime!
So... Well Yeah I'm Probs Boringg Yewhh
But That's what Lil' Sisters Best friends
are for...
Well... Like I Said I'd WiFI wit yewhh
Any time!
Luv, Shanni <33
game_testerWB1 yullyuk
Aug 27, 05 7:56pm
hey arent i just the kindest person ever well heres my stamp tht every1 loves though ull think its gay...

Youve jst been stamped by Game_testerWB1!
dnt forget 2 sign bak now!

Your first entry ull neva 3get me 4 tht!(like ud 4get me anyway:P)