I decided to create a new game from a new idea. Basically all you have to do is guess which movie the quote comes from. If yo

Another new movie thread to assist our new mods. :D I love these films; for what it's worth to be entertained by Troll

The new mods don't seem to be getting much in, so it's time for a new assistant's turn of much more popular films

http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/miramax-oscar-campaigns-harvey-weinstein-timeline.html Look at all the crap that guy manage

Has anyone seen these two movies? I think they are alright. The first one is pretty good. The second one is weird and very cl

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll8c1UmwD0Y Did it really have to be boiling? Couldn't it have been normal acid? :roll

No, I am not having surgery anytime soon. I just thought this would be a neat topic to discuss. So, is surgery one of the sca

I live in the middle of East Texas. I hope my power doesn't get cut off in this crappy mobile home. :|

A Scottish teenager died while performing an elaborate Ice Bucket Challenge stunt that involved a quarry, according to report

These are the only 4 movies I'm deciding on seeing.

The monitor just exploded out of the blue sending a shard of glass in my throat and led a trail of fire that reached the stov

So my dad just confirmed to me today that we'll definitely be moving into some apartment. How long will it take?

Pan's Labyrinth. It still makes my heart pound. :_puke: I don't really think movies like Saw 1 or Hostel 1 are gross

I'm going to a be staying hotel for a few months. What should I do so I don't get bored?

I just saw my neighbor dragging a large blue bag with blood on it into his garage. What should I do? Should I call the cops?

I really want to play a game similar to King's Field.... Exploring Dungeons and finding secret doors and such... :P

Come on down! You're the next contestant on "Brain Drain"! Um, gee, ooh, uh, I'll take what's inside Th

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