I'm left asleep in the Alkaline
Off in wisconsin till the 18th.
Little Big Planet 2 - 2days!
Massive fricken snow storm in Ct. Thats ME!
The LBP2 Beta ended ) :
LBP2 Beta ends today... ) :
Aaagh! Mid terms!
Went to see the ball drop in NYC...
Skulls of the Shogun
Golden Sun 3: Dark Dawn... Oh yeah.
Getting golden sun 3 tomorrow!
Rock Band 3! Fallout! Golden Sun! Dead Space! Aaagh!
wow, yes, yay, comma

Well this is my first blog. I don't really know what people do with these, but here I go. Anyone here play Dead Space? What a great game right? I wish I had Little Big PLanet 2. I want the beta sooooo bad. I have so many great plans. I really want to put hundreds of hours in to using that game to it's tip top full potential. And anybody got a good idea for some gallery images?

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