(twin 1)hikaru
(twin 2)kaoru
i think i got all of them....but introducing......
(TWIN 2) KAORI!!!!
and.... sup. mit got better at drawing, u should recieve one of mits pictures soon from aubrie. and i must say, i am sad to see my old accounts name gone from your friends list! TT-TT sadness

so yah, watch ouran host club if u know whats good for u!
dude just randomly finding people on here, and i swear to god, your profile is my mind's heaven! almost every single thing on there is exactly the same (if i had writ it down on my page that is) love it!
hahaha i know the answer to life, the universe, and everything!!

tis 42 lol.


srry, it needs filler..
HILO lawlz ima doing the same thing as Ronn cause hes not on now >.< buts its a fun to sign books ^-^ so many letters i dont like to be forced >.<
i think im the first one to sign, TEEHEE for some reason you need to make this thing 125 characters long so i wrote all this to waist time till Anna is on.
hey kez!!! you need an avatar. call me!!! ok yeah, im grounded tomorrow because i was 45 min late to be home. i know that im a baka because of this, but at least i'l eat dinner!! one time, my mom grounded me from eating dinner!!! and she had bought pumpkin pie!! PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that makes me angry. in the end tough, i had a little snack!! yea!!!