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Apr 22, 16 1:55am

So hello lurkers! i know you're there ;) also:

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Nov 29, 15 10:51am

Hey guys, its been a while so heres a giveaway! Gonna be quick this time so heres how itll work. Im thinking of a number b

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Nov 20, 15 9:13pm

been playing a for 4 hours and haven't figured it out yet :/

Ciel Phantomhive younglinkgcn
Sep 15, 15 9:09am
Happy Birthday!
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Aug 22, 15 1:03pm I can't wait ><

Aldo20 younglinkgcn
Aug 7, 15 5:01pm
Hello! How are you mate? Been a long time! Just dropping by to say thank you again for when you helped me finish my dex,a looooong time ago.
younglinkgcn blogged
Aug 6, 15 1:44am

Uploaded another game to GameJolt. It's a story driven exploration/puzzle solving rpg called Erumm. please rate it if you give it a try, it really helps.

The story of a man lost in a strange labyrinth. Contains music from Chrono Cross and various sprites that I do not own.

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Jun 28, 15 9:12am

Since it seems that a fair amount of people still drift through here I hoping to make a list of current players and wether th

Badspaz younglinkgcn
Jun 13, 15 11:31pm
so i saw ypu guys do the ditto goveaway for breeding and i am so new i dont even know how to use rhe forum application to request the beginner pack . i have been reading a little on breading and i know that i want to breed a competitive Skarmory , Raichu , umbreon and Flareon . if there is way you can help me with that . maybe a good ditto for each of those or something ? i would greatly appreciate the help
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Jun 10, 15 10:14am

My TSV is 2442, if you need me to hatch any eggs send me a pm or tag me in this thread. FC: 3265-5694-3235 IGN: Zilera

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Jun 9, 15 12:53am

to see how little neoseeker has to offer for such a fantastic game.

Jun 4, 15 5:40pm
That feeling when you're awake at 4 AM, you don't know how or why you're up and all you want to do is sleep, but you can't.
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May 23, 15 10:55pm

I need the EMs Double Edge and Crush claw or circle throw for Kangaskhan. and the EMs Belly Drum, Crosschop, Double Edge, Pla

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May 11, 15 1:02am

So I've been helping my friend get their boss kill comp reqs and I thought, why not fight random bosses more often? So I&

younglinkgcn blogged
Apr 28, 15 9:48pm

Had to rework the camera programming due to a shaking bug. So theres not as much new content. the screen in the office will flicker when something is happening (not sure what i'm going to tie it to yet) and the charmander poking his head in the window causes the hallway light to flash and he flashes as well. kind of light lightning striking outside your window.

Keymoshy2 Dragonmaiden Magnetar Zlatco alroy214 and anyone else who showed intrest.
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Apr 28, 15 1:33am
Fnaf 4 confirmed for halloween release this year, the image on the website says NIGHTMARE when brightened.
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Apr 24, 15 1:35pm

So from looking at the end of the trailer it looks like the game is going to have larger enviroments and maybe even open worl

Apr 16, 15 10:10pm
Uploading a game I made to GameJolt as I type this.(no its not five nights at pikachus) I'll provide a link in the morning if it finishes.
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Apr 12, 15 10:13pm

...wouldn't this game be awesome in a 3ds remake? as i've been playing through it just feels like the enviroments wou

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