Ok so im wanting to build a team for single battles but theres a couple pokemon im really wanting to use. Mega Gallade and U

not sure if its tradeable but if it is i need one for one of my projects, if you need any HA pokemmon ill be happy to see if

Hi i need a ralts cloned o+2 its 6iv jolly natured with HA and 4EM, as payment you can make a clone for yourself :) thanks!

So since im breeding lots of ralts i figured id pass some of them on to anyone who wants them, they will all meet this criter

by 5iv i mean -spatk if you wan something else just ask and we may be able to work it out.

LF Shaymin darkrai palkia latias deoxys mewtwo zekrom kyurem Best natures to compliment their stats if possible ^_^ F

Blazikenitex1 Leftoversx3 Destiny Knotx1 Life orbx1 Wide Lensx1 Black Sludgex4 Lucky punchx19 plume fossilx3 poision

i have a couple i need clones of Pokemon: Ditto, Arceus O+2 you can keep a copy if you want

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