Some guys in the comments of a Youtube video made an interesting observation. When Kaioshin and Kibito take off the earrings

What do you guys think are the most missed opportunities for cool fights and scenes in the series? I can think of few: The

The question is in the title. Both Goku and Gohan know about it and could have told Kibito to take Gohan and Elder Kaioshin

Goku says he couldn't try out the Dance with the afterlife fighters, because they weren't on par with him. Yet the k

What do you guys think are the worst Plot Induced Stupidity moments in the series, movies and filler included?

Chapter: 348 (DBZ 154), P6.1 Context: after Piccolo says Super Saiyan Vegeta might beat No.17 and No.18 Trunks: “I-I

He is shown flaring a red aura while struggling to keep Kamiccolo on the ground. Is it possible, that he was suppressed and

What disappointed you the most out of the franchise? For me, it's a match up between the Buu Saga and BOG. Why does Trunks wear the Saiyan armor when he is about to go back to the past before he fight

He learned Instant Transmission on Yadrat, therefore he should be able to use anytime after whenever Goku takes his orange gi off before fighting *handless* Freeza. Yet K

Chapter: 445 (DBZ 251), P14.1-5 Context: after hearing that Boo destroyed hundreds of planets Vegeta (thinking to himself):

Obivously after their RoSaT session, can they go Super Saiyan 2? Daizenshuu lists him as being capable of doing so and there

So I got the chance to see the extended fight scene between the Z-Fighters and Beerus. After getting dissapointed once again

A fanfic I wrote in spare time, where Goku doesn't let Ginyu swap with him. Please tell me, if you agree with how it wou

Which form of the main villain of Buu arc. do you preffer? For me, it's a tie in between Super and Gray Buu.

Super Buu absorbed Pure Buu from say..another timeline? Or for all the others forms too.

So I've decided to watch the movie in Japanese(kinda disapointed by it, by the way) with subtitles and here is, what Cool

Janemba in his skinny form was damaged((or at least paralyzed) by Paikuhan's insults. Would it affect the fat one?

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