ZOMG, how long has it been, yiyi?! Hopefully I can talk to you soon! Hearts <3

Charity ~

May God be with you and bless you.
Just here to say thanks for helping us out at the Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (PSP) forums!
Hope we can be friends!

I think you need a stamp!
"Gets out stamp gun"
"Shoots one at you"

"Stamp gun is malfunctioning"

"Stamp gun starts shooting at random people"

"Everyone dies"

Omigod! I killed everyone! "Faints

Thanks for being such an awesome friend! =D

Background credit: Karis
Stamp credit: Rikku Chick

*leaves some cookies behind*

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

A motto of mine: treat people how you want to be treated, which fits in to ANOTHER motto of mine: if someone signs your guestbook, sign back. ;P

Enjoy my stamp. I'm not an expert graphic maker - who cares?! XD

Good luck with your baby boy. B
Your such a good friend! Thanx for helping me with all my graphic needs! I haven't stamped here yet so here i go! STAMP STAMP!!!

Thx for being a great neo friend and helping me and a lot of other people,
and thx for making this.
Hi mommazorz! I made a stamp for you!

Sign Back Soon! <3 Bye bye!!! x3

Your a great friend.
I hope you like the stamp I made. I'm still a beginner at graphics. I used GIMP for this picture. I used the smudge tool the pencil tool a purple kind of background and black and yellow color.

Hi, yiyi! You're a great friend! Thanks for helping us revive the forum, and the guestbook sign! 8D

~ Mishy Fishy
Im fine just have'nt been on lately due to the Anime shugo Chara! and all it's spoiler's...Damn you Amuto so Damn addictive..But im on for now so hiya!
Hi yiyi, thanks for the cute stamp!
I hope that we could be good friends.

It's been a while since I last stamped your guestbook if I stamped at all so I have an awesome new stamp for it. I hope you like it ^^

You're a great person to talk and I'm glad you're so willing to help MFoMT stay alive.

Have a wonderful life and I hope to talk to you soon.

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~
Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook. Just returning the favour.

I've only joined today and I'm addicted already.
Do you have any stamps, banners, or avatars I could use?

Credit goes to Poke Plushies!
Im so slow.....Anyways thanks for stamping!Man here eyebrow is LONG!Anyways heres my stamp!
How are you? Feel free to drop me a PM!

You've been stamped by harvestbmg with an adorable dog!
Hope you have a good easter yiyibrowser!Your freinds are wishing you a great day and good luck keep up being a great neoseeker!
Thanks for signing my guestbook Yiyi!
And here I am returning the favor..
Take Care!

heres a cute puppy!!
thanks for signing my GB o and no i dont dream of a pet lol. actually i dont know how i came up with my username

thanks again
Hi, I <3 pandas. Hope we can be good neofriends.

~Rainbow Gal~