The whole way i got this name yello man or yelloman. Is it all started when i went to stay over my friends house in the bronx. We were good bud, but no we dont really talk anymore. i haven't seen or heard from him at all. Anyway we went outside to go chill wit his friends so when i met his friend he didnt know me and i didn't no him. i was wearing a yellow shirt and had a yellow fanta soda(pineapple). So he just called me yelloman. i was laughing we all were so that name just stuck to me till this very day.


Well to start off my name is William Martinez. There is a lot of things im interested in, some are:


I have a lot of friends on neo. One of the first people i ever met on neo was Zelda_duda100 hes a good guy he's interested in brawl(ssbb) digmon and more.

I'll update more later..

My Neo-Family
Fankidyeah: Best woman you could be with

Swift Starly: great guy he very active and i mean very hes in my team aura and hes in team elements

MosterDesire: hes a real good friends and he was on of the first people i met when i fist went to the PMD EoT forums

Yay4domini: real nice guys like to make pokemon sprites

iRock93: he like to get into trouble. BUt real nice person. Also i found out an important thing about him he is very impatient. but we both have 2 things in common being impatient and love to make sprites.

Shami: really nice and helpful oowner of Team Element form PMD EoT

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