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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, Yes today has two blog posts in the one day which is uncommon but Anyway back to blogging yes?! So todays game is mercenaries 2 world in flames. The game has many glitches and problems and it lags quite allot now Its not the best game and will never will be although the game has good graphics and rag doll physics the plot is short and can get boring. My rating: 7.3/10

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hey everyone, today in my blog I will be discussing Xbox 360's. I must say My 360 console is my most favorite out of the vast amounts I have! My oldest would be the super Nintendo entertainment system! (but thats in my loft now!) although the 360 can crash sometimes, It always leaves me hours of limitless fun!! great machine, great rating: 9.8/10

xbox 360

A few days ago i bought my copy of the game battlefield bad company 2, I must say I really like it! So anyone who is a battlefield fan should defenitly pick up a copy TODAY! I would give it a 9.4/10

xbox 360
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