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Mar 20, 10 8:18am

Xbox 360

hey everyone, today in my blog I will be discussing Xbox 360's. I must say My 360 console is my most favorite out of the vast amounts I have! My oldest would be the super Nintendo entertainment system! (but thats in my loft now!) although the 360 can crash sometimes, It always leaves me hours of limitless fun!! great machine, great rating: 9.8/10

xbox 360

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thewar223 Apr 1, 10
I say the xbox 360 sucks it microsoft stupid system with the red rings of death it makes no sense to buy this system only for halo maybe not even that with all the halo games being relased devolpers might just start pumping these halo games out and the xbox 360 is like a extension of a PC then microsoft makes you pay for online services buy the ps3 instead
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