Bye everyone, I'm officially leaving neoseeker and its components because I feel as though im much less active and im spending more time on my website and facebook so goodbye everyone, leaving neoseeker with 1048 posts and the very first website i ever joined :D I've had great fun but its the end. GOODBYE friends and members!

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hey everyone xxxzzz1 here, and welcome to xxxzzz1's top 10 gaming list including my rating.

10. the getaway, 8.4/10
9. grand theft auto liberty city, 8.6/10
8. super mario bros (1985), 8.8/10
7. call of duty 3, 8.8/10
6. grand theft auto 3, 9.0/10

5. call of duty 4 modern warfare, 9.2/10
4. battlefield bad company 2, 9.4/10
3. call of duty modern warfare 2, 9.6/10
2. grand theft auto san andras, 9.8/10

1. grand theft auto 4, 10/10 SUPERB GAME!

Hey everyone, welcome to another publication of my blog. Ok so here are a few places you can find popping up on neoseeker: you may find me around the battlefield bad company 2 forum and the general Mario brothers forum, you can also catch me on the battlefield wiki page.

Ok Im also going to change around the blog posting publications so instead of every month Im going to post a blog post every 2 weeks if something interesting crops up. so see you next time for another xxxzzz1 blog post.

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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, Yes today has two blog posts in the one day which is uncommon but Anyway back to blogging yes?! So todays game is mercenaries 2 world in flames. The game has many glitches and problems and it lags quite allot now Its not the best game and will never will be although the game has good graphics and rag doll physics the plot is short and can get boring. My rating: 7.3/10

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hey everyone, today in my blog I will be discussing Xbox 360's. I must say My 360 console is my most favorite out of the vast amounts I have! My oldest would be the super Nintendo entertainment system! (but thats in my loft now!) although the 360 can crash sometimes, It always leaves me hours of limitless fun!! great machine, great rating: 9.8/10

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A few days ago i bought my copy of the game battlefield bad company 2, I must say I really like it! So anyone who is a battlefield fan should defenitly pick up a copy TODAY! I would give it a 9.4/10

xbox 360

Merry christmas Everyone on neoseeker! I must say it has been a plesure knowing neoseeker! So merry christmas Neoseeker and all my neofriends I must say the loungin forum is looking great with the animated snow!!

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Thank you neoseeker for making my life with games easier! if it wasent for you I wouldnt have cheats fir a game i really wanted cheats for! and the lounges great place to be in if something good is happening! so redemption thanks for making all this possible!! :D

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Loungin' is by far my favorite forum on neoseeker, There is always something there to keep you occupied for hours upon end, like all other lounges, loungin is another great one congrats to redemption for making this possible!

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Hello, The game I am talkin about is Grand theft auto San Andras, So does anyone like it And rate it out of ten I would give it a Soiled 9.7/10 I play itnearly everyday and I is coming out As DLC in Xbox live!!

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Who thinks neoseeker is a great sit with the gameing help, gallerys images neowiki, cheats, user reviews and among many other great things aswell as the bad which are mostly rule breakers, and spammers!

Note to guests and newbies:Enjoy your stay on neoseeker!

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my favorite animal is man's best friend the dog! my favorie breed is the small nimble pomeranian A favorite of my family, the pomeranians are known for there fox like appreance.

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