Wats goin on punk mah boy! I haven't seen u in forever, and u haven't signed on since, may wats with that! anyway, hows college?

ps ur diddy needs to fight my diddy once more.
sup punk, its the tank. just might as well as drop in since im bored atm. yea ure good with graphics.. and brawl.=P.
Tankzortz was here.
Hey wassup!?
hope you feel better
Just dropping this 'ere
hope ya don't mind
hey good biography man!, we also should brawl someday, i seriouly need to learn how to figth online, BTw in brawl, snake or ike ar my favorites, sheik is also liek link, but meh, nice biography, rocks ^^
Well, just stamping your guestbook with a new stamp I edited made

See ya around the forums

Have you grown older?
Well Good Luck on your new year!
I'm happy that you turned uhm err...*Thinks* Haha! One Year Older this year
Keep it comin!