DCKnuckles xlXPunkRockerXIx
Aug 25, 11 1:48am
Wats goin on punk mah boy! I haven't seen u in forever, and u haven't signed on since, may wats with that! anyway, hows college?

ps ur diddy needs to fight my diddy once more.
Tankzortz xlXPunkRockerXIx
Aug 31, 09 7:38am
sup punk, its the tank. just might as well as drop in since im bored atm. yea ure good with graphics.. and brawl.=P.
Tankzortz was here.
soniczero xlXPunkRockerXIx
Apr 28, 09 4:36am
Hey wassup!?
hope you feel better
Just dropping this 'ere
hope ya don't mind
Duncan Idaho xlXPunkRockerXIx
Apr 22, 09 11:41pm
hey good biography man!, we also should brawl someday, i seriouly need to learn how to figth online, BTw in brawl, snake or ike ar my favorites, sheik is also liek link, but meh, nice biography, rocks ^^
PichuRocks xlXPunkRockerXIx
Mar 08, 09 9:56am
Well, just stamping your guestbook with a new stamp I edited made

See ya around the forums
spyro_57 xlXPunkRockerXIx
Feb 24, 09 7:34am

Have you grown older?
Well Good Luck on your new year!
I'm happy that you turned uhm err...*Thinks* Haha! One Year Older this year
Keep it comin!