Hi guys, I know how to hack p

Got all 5gen HA starters :D

No IV or egg moves needed, in return I can offer a lot HA's (feel free to ask, gen 1,3,4,6 starter HA's etc), but I&a

Shiny Murkrow, third Random encounter (soaring) after obtaining Shiny Charm in ORAS :D
First ORAS shiny - Magikarp (fishing) =)

I know this topic is solely about me waiting the game but I feel I am going crazy while waiting so I need to share my story w

Can i "transfer" my pokebank and demo from one Sd card to another. The thing is I have 2gb sd card pokebank, transf

While I was reading some comments and things on reddit, bumped on this?!? Could this be actual footage of the game or just a

Got shiny MIenshao over GTS?!? Deposited ordinary Vivilon, seeking Live Dex Filers...
Diancie - Docile 4 max IV, one 30 one 11... Yaaaay Apparently it is found by hacking... Could it be the special thing we will

Please guys add me if you have one and pm me with your FC... Mine in trainer card... I won't be able to add more people a

Shiny Swablu from Horde!!! Hoenn here we come!!!

So this is conclusion from my experience, I never saw someone talk about this... My question is : _Does the chain level ef

Watching old Pokemon series (season 1) on dvd before sleep... Haven't felt so good in a while... Ah memories...

As the title says... Also I prefer Gensect to have regular, not pogegened (6)IV's, and it must have no exp (untouched)


Hi I'm trading Zangoose (many of them) they have 5IV's (some of them 6IV) and 4 egg moves Feint, Night Slash, Disabl

I feel like a lure for idiots :/

Do anyone has Toxic boost zangoose? I need any Zangoose (so no egg moves or IV's are needed but If you have it even bette

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