I live in Australia. I would die without music. I live for music, I have music playing all day. My musical tastes range greatly, from neo opera performers like Katherine Jenkins to classic metal like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath to Blues, namely Eric Clapton, reggae, ballads, soul, minimal jazz and occasionally pop. I maintain my view that Hip hop is not music and should go die in a corner. My love of music and my range of taste stems from my love of the greatest instrument ever created, the guitar.

I am not a huge fan of gaming but am on my Xbox when I have nothing better to do; most of the time. I am a very practical person and would happily spend my whole day hoisting engines out of cars and messing around with them. This is my reasoning for studying towards becoming an electrical contractor, probably marine but my license will enable me to work on cars, boats or houses so my avenues remain open.

I am a motorbike enthusiast. I own a Honda CBF-250 and love it to pieces, its's my baby.

I enjoy weight lifting in my spare time as a hobby and as a form of exercise. It is a confidence booster and, when not overdone, is usually aesthetically pleasing.

I cycle about once or twice every day depending on how I feel. I love my bike because going out on it gives me time to myself without any interruptions.

Keira Knightley is a goddess on earth. Most amazing actress in the world today. Voted sexiest woman in the world twice and rightly so. I would definitely not say no.



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