Ok so you obv dont wanna know my entire life story coz you won't care and there isnt much to it x)

That's my life =]

I'm a TC school - almost finished year 8 then I'm off to high!

So yeahh.

Pleeeease add me as your friend coz everyone loves me and i'm amazing and hey everyone wants to be mates with someone amazing. (LOL I sound well arrogant, really bad, I'm actually not lulz)

I'll accept anyone..!

Love you all xx


What I like to do.......?
Watch Skins ^-^
Figure skate
Skateboarding is awesome
Get piercings (it's thrilling lmao. and looks cool) So I've only got 4 so far but I'm only 13 and I'm getting a 5th this summer lulz
Hmmmmmmm............ I like doing what every 13 year old girl likes doing.
Going online. Talking on msn. Going on Mario Kart n stuffs (:

My Chemical Romance
Three Days Grace
All American Rejects
Bullet For My Valentine
Simple Plan
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