Chelskiman x_emmy_x
Sep 11, 07 5:35am
Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day full of joy and laughter

Talk soon
Chelskiman x_emmy_x
Jul 11, 07 8:52am
Hello Emily!!

Just though i would sign your guestbook because i think your a wonderful kind person I enjoy talknig to you on msn and i hope we can continue being friends.

You also have a love for beaches, which is great, we have plenty of awesome beaches in Australia

Anyways talk to you soon
Taylor_1993 x_emmy_x
May 27, 07 1:48am
Oh Thanxs I Have Been Playing the sims 2 since the sims 1 first came out lol i have loved it ever since can i have some of ya cheats then lol Love Taylor
Excalibur x_emmy_x
May 24, 07 3:25am
Emily's hot, yes so hot, especially when she makes me pizza and pop tarts.

Shes so hot were going to study about....things? xD

oh oh i love nerds too, <3
Taylor_1993 x_emmy_x
Apr 13, 07 5:42am
That ok for dee tips lol glad i could help =] ANd thanxs for Welcoming me to neo =] i need all the help i can get so if u have any tips on this site just tell me lol
Reason x_emmy_x
Jan 12, 07 8:25pm
'Tis the luck of the Irish that my master and saviour is none other than The Hero Hartmut. This is definitive; he is not just A Hero Hartmut.

This message was sexified by The Hero Hartmut just now.
Stuy x_emmy_x
Jan 12, 07 3:07pm
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook. ;D