Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day full of joy and laughter

Talk soon
Hello Emily!!

Just though i would sign your guestbook because i think your a wonderful kind person I enjoy talknig to you on msn and i hope we can continue being friends.

You also have a love for beaches, which is great, we have plenty of awesome beaches in Australia

Anyways talk to you soon
Oh Thanxs I Have Been Playing the sims 2 since the sims 1 first came out lol i have loved it ever since can i have some of ya cheats then lol Love Taylor
Emily's hot, yes so hot, especially when she makes me pizza and pop tarts.

Shes so hot were going to study about....things? xD

oh oh i love nerds too, <3
That ok for dee tips lol glad i could help =] ANd thanxs for Welcoming me to neo =] i need all the help i can get so if u have any tips on this site just tell me lol
'Tis the luck of the Irish that my master and saviour is none other than The Hero Hartmut. This is definitive; he is not just A Hero Hartmut.

This message was sexified by The Hero Hartmut just now.
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook. ;D