Thanks for signing my guestbook. A deal's a deal, so I'll sign yours too.

I hate the character limit. Well, I probably filled in the limit now that I have filled in this junk.

Saw you around, while browsing through forums, and decided to sign. =]

You have officially been

Enjoy. Hahah
[Seems like I make a new stamp everyday. XD]
Sorry for the semi-blurryness of it, I ruined it when I rotated it. Blehh

I might get around to PM'ing you today, if not, then tomorrow. 'Kay?

See you around, sometime

[S]ign [B]ack {P}lease

Glad to help with your problem.

Shin Chan rules. I say up with Shin Chan, down with pants LOL.

Since you were generous enough to sign my guestbook I'll just sign yours.

Hope to see you around the forums.

Hey,got your PM.Don't worry,I wan't mad at ya.Anyways,I'm just here...doin my thing and all(signing a friend's GB).How about we be friends.Better that than enemies,right?