Hardcore Video gamer Girl.

Play Monster hunter games-psp-wii.

Play naruto games ocasionally.

play yugioh video games.

yet to play halo reach.

Play star wars knights of the old republic 2

the sith lords on xbox360.

play star wars knights of the old republic

1st game on xbox360.

I only play thoes 2 games

when Im in the mood.

Listen to Alternative music.

Listen to monster hunter tri 3

OST original soundtrack its 2 cds.

Its hard to find.

Play Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 on xbox360

that way I get gamer score points.

Casue Im in the xbox website xbox live gold

membership rewards program.

when I have time I go on ps3 phat system

and go on playstation home.

I go into the konami Lounge for a short

period of time.

I go to the star wars catina Lounge in

playstation home for Long amounts of time.


Geting a Monster Hunter Boyfriend Local.

Anime-shows,music no henteni.


Naruto-sasuke,itachi,the akatsuki.,


Alternative music to beat myself up

emotionaly with.

Youtube Anime Amv to emotionaly beat myself

up with.

Use Alternative Music & Youtube Videos to

emotionaly beat myself up over monster

hunter boyfriend dissowning me.

I blame myself.

Everything Is allways my fault.


Hunter Name:YJENNY ,ID: S3F0U2,HR: 27

Server: Valor 1 Gate Varies,

KeyBoard: Yes

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