Just trying to fully complete the Pokedex and there's a few that i need. Shroomish is one of them. Anybody want to bree

I need a Glameow....that's it lol. Please help me out this pokemon can only be caught in Pokemon Pearl and i don't h

I'm kinda close to completeing my Pokedex and I'm looking for a few random pokemon as well as a few ledgedaries. If

Just trying to complete the dex and I do not own a copy of pearl which is the only game you can catch this pokemon on so if s

I am looking for the following Pokemon: Arceus Darkrai Manaphy Shaymin I can offer you the following Pokemon for tra

I'm looking for Xerneas. Luckily the pokebank opened today so i can pretty much get you any legendary you want for it !

I can trade for any Gen 6 starter or Charmander or Bulbasuar.

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