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Awesomest game... EVER! So great! Lovin' it! Awesome Sims game! TheSims3 PC
My best Sims Evelyne Khyrelle is awesome! TheSims3 PC
I have reached level 10 on my career in business... TheSims3 PC
I have finished most of the skills! TheSims3 PC
I have completed my Sim's life wish! TheSims3 PC
This game has got everything... it ROCKS! Awesome Sims game! TheSims3 PC
This game is just awesome... probably the best Sims game I have... it ROCKS! TheSims3 PC
This game is absolutely amazing... I LOVE IT! It's a brilliant Sims game... I just love it so much! TheSims3 PC
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  • "I had a look to see if their is any spillage of the sims 4, I found peoples views on what it might think be like very intresting. TheSims3 PC"
    KaytiieeM May 20, 13 7:09am
  • "Love it <3 TheSims3 PC"
    KaytiieeM May 19, 13 11:52pm
  • "The most advanced Sims game yet. TheSims3 Mac"
    Ellipsis Oct 27, 12 12:29pm
  • "Could be better, but it was one of my first 3DS games, and it's a great installment to the The Sims series. TheSims3 3DS"
    Potassium Jun 06, 12 4:42pm
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