this community can take a little honesty, so feel free to dump it here... hehe. after some pretty solid drinking last nigh

so while our manager was on holiday, the ass. manager ordered shorts for the whole crew because of the astonishing heat (up t

i'm just measuring the temperature here. if i were to make the claim that somali immigrants are mostly lazy and lacklu

my friend just emptied his savings account and bought dogecoin for $35k??

so i was on my way home from work hum ti dum ti dum when suddenly i stumble on my ex-colleague from mcdonalds. he tells me he

so i'm not usually the guy to give a damn about these "dilemmas" but this time it's kinda kinky. i'v

so as far as i know, birthmarks are pretty common, so some of you are bound to have them. i'm posting this thread because

have any of you ever played an outfield player in goal? my goalkeeper suddenly left me the day before a game and i put a m

almost always look trashy. true or false?

halloween comes around every year and while some don't care for their attire of choice others choose to plan ahead to avo

so i got my paycheck for the month and i was like uh wait what i don't usually earn this much. not to brag. but now i'

once in a while we all get so much for a buck and we are just pumped euphoric could punch a wall cause we are such a deal mak

june 1, 2018. the un has announced that in order to save the earth from an imminent asteroid collision, the whole globe will

some of you - probably none of you - may remember thread fr

i've always been sort of a pale *bleep* so i recently decided to make a change. since we only get 2 weeks of sun over her

i was kinda surprised upon searching for a snapchat thread not to find one, i reckon a few of you are on there. so how abo

so commercial is running on television over here, and it inspired me to come up wi

there are two types of people: those who suck at flappy bird, and those who don't. what is your score? i've go

i convinced my friend to use ;45; in a text message the other day which inspired this thread have you ever applied n

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