Welcome to my new shop! My holi

As titled. I got these pokemons for trade: I do

Or any of its evolutionary lines~ It does not have to be 6IVs Thanks! :]

Looking for cloners that would clone my high and not so high IV pokemons :) - Furfrou 0IV - Noivern 6IV - Eevee 2IV - S

In exchange for my shiny red one? :3 It's got 2IVs (caught floette in the friend safari) needs to be nicknamable, mine

I've got: Shiny Furfrou Shiny Durant Shiny Octillery Shiny Mightyena Shiny Clawitzer Specifically looking fo

Specifically looking for Shiny Geodude (or graveler/golem) with sturdy ability. My braixen was caught in the friend safari s

I can offer shiny illumise and/or shiny braixen.. both are caught in the friend safari so they've got 2 IVs you may pm

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